By Anonymous - 28/06/2012 21:20 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, a homeless man asked me for money in a train station bathroom. When I told him I had no money he left. He then returned only to pour a bottle full of urine on my head while I was in the stall. I use a metro card. I honestly had no money. FML
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CrassKal 27

I honestly would've punched him.

It's better to be pissed off than pissed on...oh snap

Ya **** ya I would if beat the shit out of him.....well I would of tried homeless people are crazy.

I would've punched him AND told him to go make his own money

The guy asked for money while you were taking a shit...

Just be lucky he didn't eat your face off!

Zimmington 21

Then I would say piss on him but Ye probably already smells

What!? You guys don't like golden showers???

ripresno 10

59 look at my comment on number two, you might learn something…

Don't ever punch a homeless person. If you split your knuckle open on their jaw you can get HIV or HepC. Kick him in the nuts instead.

you should've Bear Gryll'd his ass and make him drink his own piss.

If a homeless guy did that to me, I'd help buy him a house...and then burn it the **** down.

tjv3 10

You should have came out of the stall like a rabid howler monkey on crack and kicked his ass. Oh and go get tested for infections

I think honestly you'd be too stunned to move, and he would have run his malnourished ass off. Really though, even though this is something I'd definitely agree you should be prepared to fight someone over, there's no way you'd even be able to process what the hell happened for at least 10 seconds.

thejewishfuhrer 17

Ehhhhh, I don't know how I feel about this pun.

At least he didn't eat your face off.

ripresno 10

64 It wasn't a homeless guy that ate the face off of someone else it was just your everyday crazed dude on bath salts : )

88- SHUT THE **** UP, I am sorry I didn't read your comment!

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

87-The dude wasn't on bath salts. The only thing in his system was marijuana. No LSD, no acid, no bath salts. Just pot.

Don't you listen to the news? The homeless guy who ate the mans face was on bath salts. He was seriously ****** up.

I heard it was a seriously contagious virus?

97- are we Talking about Miami or FML?

He must of been in a pissy mood. Sorry guys

The comments were both posted at the same time At least this guy said sorry!

You should be sorry for using a word like pissy.

You must have really pissed him off.

Don't piss off homeless people. They have nothing to lose.

The first three were written in the same second. Mine a second after. I don't see why people are complaining 'the joke was already made' since we all did it at the same time. You people are so fickle.

That's the chance you take when you post a comment that is going to be hated by everyone and overused like crazy. If you can't take the criticism, don't post it.

He's a good businessman. Urine helps your face glow. He was doing you service. Hobo has to earn your money somehow, ya know?

You should have acted like you totally liked when he did that, confuse the pee out of him.

Good thing you fixed your spelling mistakes, you could've got attacked by grammar nazi's xD

Nazis* The apostrophe is unnecessary.

Thanks Stevie, wonder why I didn't think of that.

Wow that's rude and disgusting. Try to wash your hair in the bathroom with some soap. And yes, I would have punched him probably.

Think the urine was better than whatever comes out of those sinks... Keep believing it's water.

I'm not saying that the homeless man had good reasoning, but if you think about it, that was probably the millionth time he's heard that excuse of someone saying they had no money. Op was just lucky enough to be the one to push the homeless man over the top to react like this.

49- so because people aren't giving there hard earned money op gets punished?

rcgirl2 11

If that were me, I would've beat the piss out of that homeles man.

I cracked up so much when I saw your comment 57.

rcgirl2 11

And in what song does R Kelly sing about how he was using the bathroom and a homeless guy poured pee on his head?

The one he sang whilst peeing on that young girl.

Yea R. Kelly would of liked it... On a girl.

ilm350 7

I'm so sorry :( that really sucks, I don't know why people say ydi fyl

Did you pour the piss on OP? Why are you sorry?

Ok I have looked past this a lot of times but I just can't anymore...what is with all these people who have never seemed to have heard of sympathy? It seems any time somebody tries to be sympathetic by saying they are sorry they get attacked for not being the person who was actually an asshole to the OP. Sorry for my rant.

ilm350 7

Thanks Quinn32 I was going to explain to 47 about my comment but why should I? Glad there's still nice people out there :)