By Jehovah God - 07/03/2014 18:51 - United States - Richmond

Today, while I was waiting at a red light, a drunk guy limped in front of my car, unzipped, and started pissing on my windshield. FML
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bertyogurt 7

Yeah! Commit homicide! That'll show that rude ******!


On the bright side there's no streaks now!

mif_fml 27

Quite the strong stream to hit your windshield. He must've really had to go!

Lebeaugars95 20
bertyogurt 7

Yeah! Commit homicide! That'll show that rude ******!

badluckalex 23

or honk your horn and scare the shit out of him! literally

I think you missed the 'waiting a a red light' part.

inner_peace 19

He was trying to wash your car.

inner_peace 19

I'm sorry, do you always use urine to wash your car?

inner_peace 19

#9: is there a problem with using more natural ingredients to wash one's car?

#13 - Ammonia does a rather beautiful job, if I may say so myself.

olpally 32

Give him a little nudge with your bumper, he should stop pissing then :)

Yes, because I'm sure OP is still sitting at the red light, his car getting pissed upon.

The_only_Eric 4

It's raining!!! The rain smells like asparagus...

Should have pressed the gas. Just kidding that would be much worse. Then you'd have blood on your car along with piss...

You could just tell the police the car belongs to Andres Serrano.

Nyarlothatep 12

So, by that logic, if he were to get in a car whilst drunk, and kill a few people, we should just "forget it," because he's drunk?

I think a certain degree of how serious his actions were play into this. By your logic you would react similarily to a person running over people whilst drunk and a person making inappropriate jokes whilst drunk. Something small is pretty much forgivable in my book.

Should have pretended to be a mobile urinal and nudge him in the knees a little... Oops, was kinda thinking out loud for a sec...

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Not necessarily. What if he was cute and OP wanted to see him with his pants down?