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Today, it was a warm day out so I left my car windows slightly open while I was at work. One of the local bums apparently thought this was a perfect opportunity to use my open driver's side window as a barf receptacle. FML
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He could throw up through a "slightly open" window, he's got some talent.

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Why would he go out of his way to barf in your car?

She's lucky the bum didn't tell dirty mike and the boys bout her car...

OP drives a red prius with crack on the hood and a missing door...

"slightly open". So, the bum must've shot his barf in a straight line to go through the crack, huh?

Thanks for the F shack. ....... -Dirty Mike & the boys

atleast the car wasn't used during a mass orgy of homeless men

And it was in the drivers seat... Learn to love the smell!!!!

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i'm sure you can find a Febreeze spray in Walmart.

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62 that was THE funniest shit I've heard all day! Thank you!

should've gave him that dollar he asked for

Oh well, at least dirty mike and the boys didn't decide to have a soup kitchen in your car.

Oh wow, I did not read the other comments before posting that one lol

It's pretty damn sexy when a hobo barfs in your car.

Only if it's a female hobo.. I'm not gay :D

Brings back fond memories of caddyshack....

No no. ONLY MALE HOBOS ARE SEXY /: They have that delicious scrabbly beard.

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Female hobos can still have beards...(;

WELL... I guess you are right. Next time I go to the gas station I'll pick up a nice female hobo.

Vomit is cleanable, stolen cars not so retrievable.

She's lucky that the car didn't get stolen, but now she is even LUCKIER she gets to clean barf! Wait... Am I the only one that likes cleaning barf here? xD

I prefer to eat it. Each to their own though.

Insanity makes me many things. A poet is definately not one. The rhyme was unintentional.

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32 i find cleaning barf fun, too. like drinking blood! But like for both, i get nauseated after a while.

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Are you people just too lazy to read? "windows SLIGHTLY open". Yeah, Mr. Incredible will totally jack that shit.

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That sucks to an unbelievable degree, but you should have know better than to leave your windows open.

well sometimes If you don't, the car will be even more humid then it was outside. As long as you don't open it fully...

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Well, there's a big difference between cracking your window to let out the heat and opening it enough for someone to vomit through. There is also a big difference between the words then and than.

You know what they say," crack a window for a crackhead"

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Yeahhh...just stop talking now

Sorry that was almost as bad as the time I got with this ugly chick

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its ok alcohol makes you do some crazy things...its happened to all of us

are you kidding me, I use that saying non stop... that kind of stuff comes up in conversations ALL the time :)

I cringed when I read your name, bahahahaha... but I keed the 'getviolated' ;D

idk if I should be offended or confused, so I'll be both, so **** YOU(?)

bahahahahahaha, Im not even insulted this response was actually kinda funny... better than arguments you see in YouTube comment boxes, :D lol

well that's because I'm ******* hilarious

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Lol yeah it really is . I would hate having to drive home !

you know what's gross, liking the Bulls and the Knicks. ONE OR THE OTHER DAMMIT

What really would have been worse was if OP didn't smell or notice it. Just picture sitting in it. Go on, try to picture that.

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Vomit baking on a worm day...lovely. I am so sorry.

The "weather" shouldn't even be a factor. Roll your windows up before you leave the car. It's common sense.

You're in my dreams?!?! Stop being the reason I'm insane! Get out of my head! All I did was creep on people!

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Where I am it's so hot that if you don't crack the window the heat gets so unreal that the window/windshied busts.

Okay, I can see a minor crack for ventilation, that's fine... But no matter how talented someone is in "vomit theatrics", they can't puke through a one-inch crack. OP is lying, probably to hide the fact that the window was all the way down.