Today, after being without my car keys for two days, I finally got a locksmith to unlock my car on the off chance I'd left my keys in there. $170 later, the car was open, but I didn't find my keys. Frustrated, I threw the paperwork in the garbage... where I spotted my keys. FML
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  krgoks  |  10

Exactly what I was thinking. Take your title and driver's license to a dealership. Usually costs $10-$50 depending what kind of key you want.

  Nnzyb  |  8

Having new keys made for some cars can get expensive. In some cases, you'd need to have the vehicle towed to the dealership to have the new key programmed to be able to start the engine. For less, you could have a spare key cut that would be able to unlock the door if it's a car with a keyhole, but you would need the key that OP lost to have it made... It's an unfortunate situation.

By  Razell  |  13

Okay. get a AAA membership (if you are in a country where it's available). It's $99 a year (or thereabouts) and you can call a locksmith up to 5 times without paying extra. Or Good Sam. I think they do a similar thing for a similar price.

Also, get an extra key cut, and hide it somewhere secure on your car. Make a third copy to keep in your house.

Problem solved.