By WamBamSam - 21/11/2012 09:54 - United Kingdom - Kidderminster

Today, whilst at a red light in my car, a homeless man with a spray bottle and a dirty rag came over to clean my windows. He started with the driver's window, which was wide open, and whatever was in his spray bottle smelled suspiciously like urine. FML
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Urine trouble now OP

That's nasty as hell! Sorry OP


That's nasty as hell! Sorry OP

Nah, really? I though it wasn't supposed to be nasty o.0 Retard

Both of these comments were unnecessary. Some may argue that mine was, too, but I just wanted to point that out. *skitters away*

Dr0reos 8

This sounds like the beginning of a billy mayes infomercial. *Nobody can deny the bacteria killing power of HOBO PISS!!*

Urine trouble now OP

reallytho3 11

You get a gold star for that lol

Or a gold shower.. No? Just Op then.

Cum on now 2. Are you really gonna do those puns?

Oh, it's on alright.

#21- Yes i am haha, sorry if it's pissing you off, can't wee all agree that some peeople like to pun all the time :L?

OP would have to be pee-brained to leave his driver window open, it takes no science whiz to know that.

Wets the problem here, isn't it pissible for us to make a few lame jokes with our peers without being judged? Urologist jealous.

raycj 1

Urane about to tell that homeless guy off are you?

Well that was a piss-poor pun, 44. Way to spring a leak in the flow of the thread. I guess it's all down the drain now.

Every time someone makes their own home made cleaning agent everyone gets pissed.

well op's in a salty situation now isn't she

Lol someone has a dirty mind, and a wrong idea.

13 tinkle tinkle little star

witchdoctor1 9

Hey. He's entitled toilet his opinion out. It may piss you off a little bit, but let it go, he's just being a wee bit of a buzzkill. Don't be such a wet blanket. Just smile and winkie that he tried his best ;P

lsu24 2

Oh I thats a good one!! Haha I almost didn't get it.

We need to start living in 'pee'ce

Maybe urine is a good cleaner? No... Probably not...

Read it wrong the first time. I volunteer as human sacrifice.

Jollygreen630 1

Well, pee does have ammonia in it…

Pee isn't a good cleaner. Not at all. And it never will be.

61 - Hence the "No... Probably not..."

raycj 1

I love your profile pic lol

kikiwi_fml 9

Urine is the secret to a streak free shine.

...and it's the most sterile body fluid there is. But still, you need a shower, immediately!

5 Just be sure to wipe front to back window.

djinnsnme 19

I would have put up the window as soon as I saw him coming!

I don't know why the window would be open anyway, it's pretty cold this time of year!

Baconman345 9

What a piss-poor job he did at cleaning

New, Windex with urine, gives your windows that streak-free shine and yellowish hue. I work in the depths of Philadelphia, Pa. and whenever the homeless start walking towards my car, I make sure my winndows are up and the dorrs are locked. I suggest you learn from your experience

mykelinva 4

Did he expect more of a tip for the cologne spray?

It was nice of him to try and clean your windows, I suppose.

It is called he needed a few bucks for his next crack fix.... I am sorry to say but I believe you have given a bad name to the Dumass Family...

martin_martian7 11

I'm never going to trust hobos with their sprays! >.