By emkatch - 21/07/2009 19:47 - Canada

Today, I came home about two hours early from a friend's party. After I walked in and upstairs, I quickly and quietly left and went back to the party. I guess my parents decided to have a little party as well. It's called a threesome with my neighbor. They still don't know that I know. FML
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Shoulda stayed at the party. LOL FYL, man. kinky, though.

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Oh....Next time maybe you should yell as you come up the stairs? I always call my parents to let them know I;m coming home...just so everyone has clothes on....

i think you missed the part where she was SNEAKING back in...

Yeah, I think everyone missed that part, since it wasn't in the FML. In fact, the FML suggests that the parents knew she was out. Where did you get this "sneaking" from?

Why do people insist on making up stuff and acting like it's written or even implied in the FML?

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You should have asked to join 'em (;

some people have seriously sick parents

#3 you're also sick for thinking that joining them would be a great idea. FYL op

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Ydi cuz you said "all of a sudden I heard a sigh" "all of a sudden" implies that there was something unexpected and eventful. That sentence just doesn't flow good

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*doesn't flow well. What are you talking about, btw?

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#26 ...What the hell are you talking about?

#26- Did you by any chance post this on the wrong FML?

Shit wrong fml response. Dam I hate it when that happens.. Ya that was the joke

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Yea cause parents stop having sex immediately after the conception of the OP. Get real, parents **** and you should be glad they do.

Today, I found out that even though my parents have been married for 21 years, our "family friend," who routinely accompanies us on family vacations, completes their threesome. Everyone in town has know for years, except for me and my older brother. FML haha oh threesomes are the all rage lately..

Exactly. This was was just posted yesterday too! Please, at least wait a reasonable about of time before ripping off another FML!

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