By Anonymous - 08/10/2009 21:26 - United Kingdom

Today, while driving home from work an old homeless man stepped out on front of my car. As I slammed on the brakes the man threw a bag of poo at my windscreen and shouted "Praise The Lord!" before carrying on as if nothing had happened. FML
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crumsnatcha 4

At least you weren't riding a motorcycle.

MoonyIce 0

Aaaand that. That there is one of the funniest things I've read all damn day. Thank you.


I am not first!

dcait_1196 0

That is such a touching story *tear rolls down cheek* Bravo, bravo young fellow.

Exactly. The OP came first. We'll never win.

i see wut you did thar

"Praise the Lord! This shit's not mine no more!"

I want to know why you looked in the bag.

The crap probably came out of the bag.

Ducki3 0

o wow! u don't say... of course it came out of the bag!

Someone was asking why OP looked into the bag. I was just saying that since the crap probably came out of the bag, OP didn't need to look in it. Read before you're randomly rude. Thanks. :]

what if it was a clear bag? and leave it to evangelics to go the extra mile and spew actual crap along with the rest of the horseshit they are selling.

That's Christians for you.

That's a generalisation, not all Christians are douches. I'm a Christian and know many other Christians, who are not douches. Think before you're religiously intolerant =)

the guy above me ,#98, is right. not all Christians are homeless hobos who throw their crap at people's cars.

yes, but if you're christian its not poop, its concentrated evil

Reyo 2

And you didn't put it in park, get out of the car, and kick his ass?

ryguy997 0

holy crap (no pun intended) that's funny

baby_gore 0

hum I think that's a chick..? idk

This is one of the few fmls that actually made me laugh.:')

fmljw 2


He's homeless! He has to go somewhere. Not sure why he'd save it, but to each his own, I suppose... (Aw, sorry, the site's being weird. There was totally a different comment here a second ago. I swear I'm not crazy and irrelevant.)

damn you, plexi! I was gonna use that! Great minds think alike, blah, blah, blah...

well said plexico

atheists can be assholes too

haha balls to u

Shannonnicole 0

hahaha wow. FIRST


hahaha wow. FAIL.

kevick93 0


44 you beat me to it

pinktiger 0

hey, at least you can wash your car!!!

awww man! i wanted to be first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SoSoRachel 7


lol how random is that

Pretty random shit.

LegndNikko 0


seeeee you should of just hit the hobo :)

Then you have poo AND hobo guts all over the car.... bad combination... also the bum would probably shit everywhere when you hit him...

calo97 0

Should have*

mrdecay 3

just lol.

MoonyIce 0

Aaaand that. That there is one of the funniest things I've read all damn day. Thank you.

Proof that Christians are assholes.