By Anonymous - 08/10/2009 21:26 - United Kingdom

Today, while driving home from work an old homeless man stepped out on front of my car. As I slammed on the brakes the man threw a bag of poo at my windscreen and shouted "Praise The Lord!" before carrying on as if nothing had happened. FML
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crumsnatcha 4

At least you weren't riding a motorcycle.

MoonyIce 0

Aaaand that. That there is one of the funniest things I've read all damn day. Thank you.


dcait_1196 0

That is such a touching story *tear rolls down cheek* Bravo, bravo young fellow.

I want to know why you looked in the bag.

The crap probably came out of the bag.

Ducki3 0

o wow! u don't say... of course it came out of the bag!

Someone was asking why OP looked into the bag. I was just saying that since the crap probably came out of the bag, OP didn't need to look in it. Read before you're randomly rude. Thanks. :]

what if it was a clear bag? and leave it to evangelics to go the extra mile and spew actual crap along with the rest of the horseshit they are selling.

That's a generalisation, not all Christians are douches. I'm a Christian and know many other Christians, who are not douches. Think before you're religiously intolerant =)

the guy above me ,#98, is right. not all Christians are homeless hobos who throw their crap at people's cars.

yes, but if you're christian its not poop, its concentrated evil

Reyo 2

And you didn't put it in park, get out of the car, and kick his ass?

ryguy997 0

holy crap (no pun intended) that's funny

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hum I think that's a chick..? idk

This is one of the few fmls that actually made me laugh.:')

He's homeless! He has to go somewhere. Not sure why he'd save it, but to each his own, I suppose... (Aw, sorry, the site's being weird. There was totally a different comment here a second ago. I swear I'm not crazy and irrelevant.)

damn you, plexi! I was gonna use that! Great minds think alike, blah, blah, blah...

pinktiger 0

hey, at least you can wash your car!!!

seeeee you should of just hit the hobo :)

Then you have poo AND hobo guts all over the car.... bad combination... also the bum would probably shit everywhere when you hit him...

MoonyIce 0

Aaaand that. That there is one of the funniest things I've read all damn day. Thank you.

Proof that Christians are assholes.