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Today, I tried to be nice and let a homeless man have a place to crash for the night. He repaid me by pissing all over my new couch. FML
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Didn't you show him where the toilet was?


A lot of people won't be surprised that happened but OP doesn't deserve YDI votes purely because they tried to a kind deed for someone, and despite the consequences, we need more people like that in the world.

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sry norja but no one should let strangers into their house no matter how good the intentions are. its dangerous be thankful op isnt dead.

He said he tried being nice by letting a homeless person spend the night, but the dude urinated upon the couch. How do you not understand that?

it's better to be pissed off then pissed on

No he meant then, it's a jacksfilms YGS reference, at least I hope so.

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He was pissed he got the couch instead of the bed. But good job OP, that was a nice thing for you to do.

Where does it say in the FML that OP is glad it was on the couch and not the bed...You should re-read the FML

You don't know what you're talking about

A07 48

Didn't you show him where the toilet was?

I hope that couch wasn't new or expensive because if it was urine some deep piss.

It says right there, it was a new couch. Though i did like your pun!

Ah, but not as bad as your ever so clever and well thought out comment, 65. No need to voice out your little negative opinion, a silent downvote would've sufficed.

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@68 You could take your own advice you know. Just because his opinion is negative doesn't mean that he shouldn't voice it. If everyone got along all of the time the world would be dull.

There's nothing wrong with being kind. What sucks is when it backfires.

Let him take a shower and wash his clothes. This sucks but is not the end of the world. You can wash the pillows. You're a kind person for giving him a place to stay.

OP didn't say what material it was. I don't know about the rules for cleaning leather but I'm sure it's harder to clean

Leather would actually be much easier to clean because it wouldn't soak in, you'd just have to wipe it off.

True. I had a bit of a brain fart there

Don't know who keeps pressing YDI. Op did something that is usually way out of the comfort zone for the normal selfish human being. Not Ops fault, that the homeless man is so wrong in his head.

It's not selfish to refuse a stranger from sleeping in your house. Charities and homeless shelters exist for a reason. There are many homeless who suffer mental illnesses and just as many who don't. The problem is that you really don't know until it's too late. There is a woman who frequents the local refueling station and demands money from people filling up their vehicles. The first time, I gave money to her out of sympathy and not a small amount of fear as she had aggressively grabbed me. After she had her money she asked to come home with me, but I refused. She became agitated and tried to guilt me into it while a concerned man waited nearby to witness the interaction. That was over a year ago. I still see her at the same gas station and she has repeatedly tried to assault me. It's not selfish. It's being smart and safe.

While I agree with the core aspect of your comment, 18 - that refusing to let a homeless person sleep in your house doesn't make you selfish, I do disagree with you implying that the people who clicked YDI are correct. Even if it maybe isn't the smartest thing to do, OP certainly didn't deserve this

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I agree with #18, you just never know. While OP's heart was in the right place, OP was lucky that a piss-covered couch was the only thing that happened. I mean, if a complete stranger walks up to you in the middle of the street or a store and says "hey, I need a place to crash, can I stay at your place?", would you say "ok"? Suppose the homeless guy is dangerous and decides to attack OP in the middle of the night, would it be worth the good gesture? I'm sorry, but this is a YDI moment. While trying to help is a good thing, sometimes self-preservation should be a higher priority. OP could've offered to call someone from a nearby shelter, or even give Mr Urban Camper a ride, and those would've been just as helpful and a bit more safe.

#25: I was merely disagreeing with the original comment's own implication that refusing shelter to homeless people is selfish. Whether OP deserved it or not is not up to me, and I didn't imply a preference for either opinion.

I've never experienced it personally, but I've heard that homeless shelters are hell. Perhaps there is a reason we don't know about as to why he let the man in his house. You all assume OP made this decision lightly. OP probably carefully thought it through before inviting him. After all, 300 spaces is only so much

Not to mention some shelters get filled or some people are banned(I know someone who was because they drank alcohol) so shelters aren't always an option.

If someone was banned from a shelter, I definitely would not want them in my home.

Some shelters have very strict rules. While I understand why, it doesn't mean someone is bad if they are kicked out. Mistakes are made and you can't really get unbanned even if you do better.

If that was the only inconvenience, even though that is a big one, I'm sure they were grateful for your offer. Keep in mind that every homeless person has a story, and each little bit helps to get them back on their feet. c: