What the actual ****?

By Anonymous - 23/11/2012 22:51 - United States

Today, after having finally kicked my insomnia's ass after three hours, I was woken up by something I only thought happened in movies. Someone had paid for a Mariachi band to play for their girlfriend, outside my apartment, in the middle of the night. FML
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bizarre_ftw 21

The untold other side of the romantic comedy

Even though I wouldve freaked that slight moment of accepting the irony would be hilarious


Even though I wouldve freaked that slight moment of accepting the irony would be hilarious

atleast u got to enjoy the lovely Mariachi band for free :D

That's like "enjoying" having a tooth pulled. Mariachi music should be in the dictionary under "******* annoying."

Mariachi music is good romantic music. Considering what's playing on the radio now a days (dubstep, JB, rap)... I would take it over any of that any day.

littlemsweirdo 12

Ugh. Yes, anything over (shudders) justin beiber.

The other guy had to get a mariachi band for his better half because holding a stereo over your head is dangerous the antenna could attract lightning

JoeGrant 12

17- dictionaries can only provide you with the definition of one word at a time. You'd have to find "*******" and "annoying" separately. But, seriously, mariachi bands are amazing!

it's not revenge that you should encourage. especially if your neighbors' take your advice and then your whole block gets accordions, flutes, bagpipes, and guitars and they all start to annoy each other at the same time.

Maybe you're in a movie and just don't know it! :O

tsent8 15

You can't kick your insomniac ass! What were you thinking you gotta treat it like a fine lady. Buy it a mariachi band! Then you'll get your sleep.

Mister_Triangle 21

"We come from the land of the burrito Where the tortilla shells and the hot sauce glow"

I can picture that..... Hahahaha sorry it's kind of funny

osm1989_fml 6

I'm curious to know what the logic is behind the people who chose "You deserve it."

jojimugo 20

******* trolls, they live for that

tsent8 15

They're from peti people for the ethical treatment of insomnia. You can't go around kicking the ass of every insomnia you see.

Mister_Triangle 21

Accidental votes, perhaps. Or people who misunderstand the FML.

No, they fully understand their votes. It's probably some 14 year olds being outrageously funny.