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Today, after being totally in love with a guy since middle school, I finally had enough self confidence to go and talk to him. Turns out he's boring as fuck. I obsessed over this guy for nearly 4 years. FML
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That's what you get for putting some guy you barely know on a pedestal.

It's pretty pointless to be "in love" with somebody you don't know.


That's what you get for putting some guy you barely know on a pedestal.

That's what you get for liking someone without getting to know them, let me guess he was so hot he just had to be nice, funny, smart and caring? Meh get out of here with all that.

Or she shot down this guy she barely knows and has loved for years without giving him a fair chance. I'm not always comfortable around someone the first time I really talk to them so I probably would seem "boring as ****" when I am far from it. Either, way she deserves it.

Agreed. I mean OP stated that they finally got the courage to talk to the guy. So... not only did OP form a strong a opinion without talking to him. They formed another after holding one conversation with the guy.

From what I can assume, his looks are good enough to get you hooked for four years, but a couple of conversations and it's over? Damn OP sounds like you're rather shallow there.

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I've never understood how the **** can someone be "in love" with a person they've NEVER spoken to. What the hell was it? His looks?? YDI for being a complete dumbass and a shallow bitch.

6- I don't mean to slund rude but this happens all of the time. Sure she was probably not in love with him but she felt a strong attraction towards him, and she though it was love? Some teenage girls/boys are scared of rejection and maybe she is one of them. I don't see why everyone is judging I bet when they were in High School / Middle School they had an attraction towards someone else that they probably never got to talk to, it happens. Now I might be wrong, but what if op did talk to the guy more than once and then drew the conclusion that he is boring? I say fyl op, and next time don't take too long to talk to someone you're attracted to.

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I totally agree with hotshot2626... This is soooo sad. And the reason being is people judge way too much/fast. We form opinions on people before we even speak to them and when we finally do we judge again on one conversation. You never know...tey could have had a shitty day and they really didn't want to talk to anyone. I've done it before when I was younger but I learned fast you can't judge a book by the cover. Yes it's an old saying...but it's so true.

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Oh my god the same exact thing happened to me o.O I was obsessed with this guy in middle school and then the summer before high school I started to talk to him...he was so bland it was painful. Maybe it was the fact that he knew about me and how I felt and I'm already a shy boring person, but at least it helped me get over it. Now all I have to live with are the dirty looks from his girlfriend. -_-

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YDI for loving someone based on looks

#97 "He was so bland, it was painful" That's about as shallow as a puddle.

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He probably just doesn't like you, lol. Just saying.

How exactly can someone be boring as **** anyways? I never really found ******* to be all that boring...

"****" is one of the most assorted words in English Language; there are loads of inflections and connotations attached to it that makes it interchangeable in pretty much any context. I know you were joking, I like sharing what little intelligence I have though :)

Also, I think the word '****' dates back to the 1500's, and Cortez reportedly used it.

He can't be boring. Maybe he didn't know what to talk about or what you 2 could do for fun. idk.

"****" was invented by a Catholic priest as an acronym. Funny how much the word has changed.

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So everyone's seen "The History of the 'F' Word" flash video? That was popular around the birth of the internet...

The **** is ******* going on here, ****. Grammar from our generation.


Surely if you liked someone, you'd spend time getting to know them.

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You know what they say, a little bit of discomfort at first saves a great deal of pain in the long term.

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I've never understood how people say they were "in love" with a person they've never even spoken to. Is it me, or is it just dumb as ****?

30 - Do they really say that? At the very least you're paraphrasing.

Can honestly say ive never heard that one before.

It's pretty pointless to be "in love" with somebody you don't know.

Unless its Jessica Alba.. Or Angelina Jolie, or Mirander Kerr.. Or... I should probably stop.

Can you truly be in love with someone you don't know? It's more like you find them attractive, make them into the perfect person in your mind and fall in love with that idea.

That's why it's called infatuation and lusting over someone. People need to stop thinking that every person they find attractive must be love.

Exactly. Society now makes love out to be anything they kinda like. "I loooove juice!!!" We throw around the word every day as if it doesn't matter, rendering it borderline useless. When we do truly mean it, the credibility is gone cause we've said it way too much.

I disagree. Pretty sure Mila Kunis and I are in love, wether she knows I exist or not.

That's how I knew I truly love my boyfriend. I never said "love" when I was talking about any boy, even if I had a huge crush on them. And even when I had my first boyfriend, everyone was like, "do you love him?!?!?" and we're surprised when I said no. When I started dating my next boyfriend, I felt so intense about him and it was truly a "different" feeling. We've been together almost 3 years now

I couldn't agree more!!! (With original comment.)

"love at first sight" - romantic teenage girl fantasizing over a hot guy - foolish its all perspective. if the story was that despite taking years to find the courage to talk to him they really hit it off and a few years later got married and had kids its a heart warming tale and noone mentions how shallow she is.

Uhhh. Is he really so hot you didn't bother getting to know him at all before obsessing? derp

Middle School. MIDDLE SCHOOL. In Middle School, the concept of boys and dating is usually so new that most girls just completely freak out over some boy looking at them. It's normal.

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I remember when I was in middle school and I would get all freaked out and obsessed with things like pizza, building some awesome forts with my older brother, or simply running around in circles in a field, etc...boys were the last thing on my mind.

60- Yes, but for a lot of other people it happens. It's the time you reach puberty and so many things are new to you so you want to try them.

36 - Don't mean to burst your bubble 36 but the OP said since middle school, so they should be in high school.

I'm sure op is just as awesome as picking novels, just by looking at the cover.

I remember in middle school I was quite asexual, I still am to a point. I used to tell my friends that I had a "crush" on this boy simply because they talked about their crushes all the time and I thought I was supposed to have one, too. Though some girls do start to notice the opposite sex (or the same sex) at that age, I think it's more of a social pressure for most of us.

You should get to know people before declaring that you are "in love" with them. That's typically how it works.

This is the problem with teaching children about BS concepts like "love a first sight".

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Well there go 4 years of your life you won't get back.

Well, either he doesn't like you and just was zoned out of the conversation or he likes you too and was just nervous about talking to you too. Or he was just having an off day. Don't give up, try talking to him a couple more times and feel him out to see if he is truly like that all the time.

And if you don't like him, I'm sorry about wasting 4 years and hopefully you've learned to get the guts up to talk to your next "crush/love" BEFORE you waste another long period of time again. Not to mention the heartache and mental crap.

Today i finally went out with someone. after finally giving in to this creeper who's been following me around for four years, she confused my disinterest for boredom and is now over me. MLIA

Doesn't mean you can't bang em. He must be hot if you fell in love with him based only on looks. So why not?

Stop being so close minded and liking someone just for their appearances then. This is why some high school girls need to grow the hell up

You dumb idiot move, plus another you dumb idiot move. So you want her to become a **** because of this? What's going on in your brains.

I'm enrolled in a top ten university for business in the nation. Not a high school girl. Stop being so uptight and live a little. That doesn't make you a ****. It's ONE guy she's liked for 4 years, not some guy at a party.

17 - she said nothing about continuing to like him just that he may have been physically appealing. Maybe it is you who should not be closed minded and think sex can only happen with feelings for someone.

19 - Just for clarification. My 1st ydi is for OP and the second is for your idea Lexi. I'm not hating on you or anything. Just thought that your statement was a pretty bad idea. And I think the top ten university thing was also not neccesary, you didn't say you were a genius or anything. But... just because obama or romney went to top ten law schools doesn't make them geniuses. Anyway my comments are just tips not hate mails.

WhiteX. I appreciate your honesty, but I only said that because the post before me referenced high school mentalities. For people to say that you shouldn't like someone based solely on their looks, they sure are making an effort to look good in their pictures. As far as Romney and Obama, they have to be doing something right.

Lexie, how many girls will 'bang' a boy once they find him boring? Besides, OP is still a teenager. Call me naive, but I think that sex without love is not appropriate for that age.

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Is it really appropriate for any age? >

Euhm... yes? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for sex in a loving relationship, but not everyone is lucky enough to be in one. And if some non-loving sex with a hooker, a one-night-stand, a friends-with-benefits... makes someone happy, who are we to judge. But a teenager? That's just sad, imho.

24: It doesn't matter if you're at Harvard, because you're in business school; how smart can you really be?

I would also like to point out that Lexi might be lying. It is the Internet after all.

Oh please, Lexie you could have just said "I'm in university" to get your point across. We all know you're trying to brag, so no need to cover it up.