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  lidemocr  |  0

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  Mitcha857  |  0

she's and idiot for being "in love" with someone who she didn't even know. And now she says he's a shithead cause he's not her type? she's the real shithead here

  ruledbysheep  |  0

My friend has been in love with the same guy for 3 years, he finally said there'd be nothing between them. Thank god I have been waiting for so long for him to say that, I'm pretty sure we all knew it would end like that anyway :p

  MellyLuck1484  |  7

yes it's shallow. To not know they bore you... you must have never talked to them or heard them talk at all. Based completely on looks and what you dream up in your own head. That is pretty much the definition of shallow.

  lizh_fml  |  9

Its not just that she had feelings for him, people have crushes all the time. I object to calling him a 'shithead' because she has now decided she doesnt like him

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

If we're gonna refer to love as a chemical reaction, strictly, then love at first sight is entirely possible.

However, if we refer to love as an emotion, then it makes sense to say it isn't possible.

It would be nice if it was. I once felt like I had fallen in love at first sight.. I still think that what I felt was as close to love as you can get just at first sight.. But it's not possible.

  mzeemzima  |  0

yeah why call him a shithead i mean for all we know could be a shallow ugly bitch who guys can't stand to talk to I'm saying coz I actually know bitches like that