Communication Breakdown

By loling - 25/02/2010 09:37 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out a guy I had a thing with a while back thinks I am obsessed with him. This is because when he said that we should be friends, I stupidly thought he was being sincere and bothered to call him all of three times in the last five months. Clearly a sign of obsession. FML
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smashleighfig 0

shes not whining, shes laughing at him over it. Read the name, 'loling'. FYL because the dudes a moron, ha


yeah damn I mean I talk to my girlfriend twice a year any more and that's too obsessive

iSwag 0

He sounds like one of those guys that thinks he's "the shit" but really isnt so when somebody talks to him more than once he turns it into "stalking" or they're "obsessed" with him and tells his friends about his "problem" so he can feel validated. I know people like that. They swear some girl is stalking them and when i see said girl shes flirting with some other guy and when i talk to said girl, said guy, doesnt even come into the conversation....ever. FHL for being a loser

omg. i was in similar situation too. one of my guy friends felt bad for "breaking" my heart when told me that he knew about my crushed and that he wanted to stay friend. when will people learn? some crush is just something to entertain you when you have nothing better to do. he thought i was obsessing over him when i called to ask if he wanted the book back that he had lent to me at the end of the semester. >.>

@4 you only talk to your gf twice a year? o_o

Jrook 0

you sarcastically talk to your gf only twice a year o.o

in 10 months that'll be 6 calls at this rate take it easy

maybe you have a doppelgänger, or a secret twin your parents hide from you, and that other person stalks him and watches him through his window. or maybe you're batshit crazy, and you sleepstalk him (like sleepwalking, but creepier), just some thoughts, have a good day, ladyperson.

whit? naw, i mean i think the guy was being sarcastic by saying he talks to her twice a year, in that he is mocking OP's boyfriend. i, however, unlike snick, am human and capable of admitting a mistake, if he was in fact being serious...

imastraightguy 0

Crap, twice a year? If my boy did that, I'd get a restraining order.

Lordlucian 0

Ikr, stalking is creepy girl 0_0

because calling someone 3 times in 5 months to catch up is CLEARLY stalking.

guckylynn 19

Sounds more like she's stating the facts than whining.

Asheanao 0

Umm, it is possible to whine about facts...

lol right? that's pretty much what the site is all about

there's gotta be more to this story. op probably never stops talking about this dude to her friends or something.

sourgirl101 28

I agree. The times she did call, she probly tried to keep him on the phone as long as posible. You are clearly trying to find reasons to contact him and he called you out on it. Crazy!

smashleighfig 0

shes not whining, shes laughing at him over it. Read the name, 'loling'. FYL because the dudes a moron, ha

lol… the minute you don't acknowledge him he'll be all over you.

she called three times in five months that's not alot

sourgirl101 28

3 times in 5 months is alot if you don't want to speak to that someone. The guy just didn't have the balls to say that he didn't want to be friends not wanting to hurt her feelings. Too bad she's clueless. I'm sure the 1st time she called he didn't end the call with 'nice to hear from you, call me again soon'. Take the hint and move on. Doesn't sound like you did yet!

its not that big of a deal, it's nothing to get annoyed at

Oh nooo, a human is trying to maintain contact with me. CALL THE POLICE! This dude's an idiot, the sooner you cut him out the better.