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Today, after many weeks of talking to this guy over the phone for hours on end and establishing that we both had feelings for the other, we met in person. He saw me, got an "emergency text," and hasn't talked to me since. FML
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Maybe it doesn't suck that much. Remember this happened today, so for a guy to not call the girl back TODAY isn't that big of a deal. If this really was an "emergency" then the OP would feel pretty stupid by now but most likely LOL it does suck.

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ouch! that must of really hurt..but hey OP look at the bright side.. he liked your voice!(:

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If you were saying that because of my comment, I meant it more as, if she wrote it on the day that it happened, and I'm pretty sure that's the criteria for an FML, then she really didn't give the guy enough time to show if it was genuine. But like my last sentence, I also think that it being legit is highly unlikely. But I'm pretty sure the OP knows which one it is by now.

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The standard fmls all have to start with 'Today' and end with 'FML' have a look at the moderator page. Ignorance is bliss and all that.

looks like you have a pretty voice, but ugly face and/or body

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you know there are apps that send fake texts, so it wasn't really an emergency. it was just his way of saying don't ever call him again that's all.

who said he had an iPhone, android, palm, or *chuckle* blackberry? he could still have a flip phone lacking these fabled "apps". but srsly, darling, only one question remains: paper, or plastic (bag, head)

that happened to a friend of mine.. they talked on msn for a week or so, decided to meet, then the guy stayed at her place for 1 hour only, and after he was back home he blocked her.. and wrote a lameass email to make up excuses.

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What if it really was an emergency text, and the reason she hasn't heard from him is because someone died? I know if I had a family member die, I would probably be too busy grieving for at least 2 weeks before thinking to call that person I had been on one date with.

anyone else think that instead of "we met in person" it read "we met in Prison"?

slSome may call it shallowness, but the first thing all guys look for in a girl are signs of health. Get in shape and put a premium on grooming. Getting in shape means exercise 6 days a week. it should be part of your daily routine.

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Or maybe he's just not that into her.

That's how blind-dates often turn out. He makes his own picture of you inside his head, sexy face after sexy voice...

I hate people who are like that. they only want you for your looks. if they had feelings for eachother before, they should still have feelings for eachother after they meet. the looks shouldn't matter, it their personality that should matter. I'm sorry OP but if he's like that, you deserve better & you'll find someone right for you someday :) good luck !

how did you meet over the phone? you a call girl?

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You don't get a lot of room to write all that with 300 characters, but also, no one wants to read paragraph FMLs.

Twat has a big nose! At least she isn't a ginger

Tarynkd: I have plenty of friends I met online, and my current boyfriend is someone I originally met online and we swapped phone numbers. It's only "not smart" if you're careless about it.

yeah but they were talking on the phone and then decided to meet.

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wow you must be pretty bad looking- or you just didn't make an effort! I know someone who ditched a blond date cos he wore the wrong shoes! Some people are just toooo picky!

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ok that meant to say blind date!

when someone says they met in person I'm sure that they didn't know eachother in person before or he would have known what she looked like

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it was his nice way to say your ugly :)

No, a date that is blind would probably not have cared what she looked like, and thus would be her ideal date.

oh never thought of that. friends could have gave them eachothers phone numbers, or he saw her number on the bathroom wall saying call for a good time

Apparently blind dates is all she needs!

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