By datgirl92 - 24/05/2013 14:00 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my friends and I were talking about the creepy stranger that used to stalk me back in high school. I guess his looks changed a lot through the years because I found out that he's my current boyfriend of 4 months. FML
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So he got you in the end, how sweet :)

sweet but sad considering how vain she is as all that changed were his looks

it means that he will never give up on you

19, I'm pretty sure she meant that she couldn't recognise him cause his looks have changed. Doesn't matter what a creepy stalker looks like, you don't go there.

inthedopeshow 17

If OP's boyfriend is not currently obsessive and has no malicious intent then I don't think the past is much of a problem. I have a feeling that OP's boyfriend didn't truly stalk her, or else the authorities/a restraining order would be involved. I dunno, justI think he deserves a second chance as long as his current behavior is normal.

43, I had a guy who used to follow me home after school a few times (he didn't follow me quite to my house) and gave me love notes, I still consider that stalking but I didn't press charges, we were young and he just had a crush on me that he took a bit far. But if I found out I was dating him (I know his name but if I didn't) I don't know what I'd do because that would make me feel like he was stalking me without me for all these years. However, you're probably right, if he's not showing obsessive behaviour he should get a second chance but that would always be in the back of my mind if it was me.

Obviously he wasn't so creepy. Once his looks changed she was interested. That's all that creeped her out... otherwise she wouldn't date him now. Op is probably vain and the " creepy stalker" is just a normal guy. He should probably get a girlfriend that appreciates him for him...

CallMeMcFeelii 13

This is like a success story for stalkers. Maybe this fml will persuade them to continue their creepiness.

This has just encouraged stalkers across the globe!

That's actually pretty creepy... Did you not remember his name from before?

The word "stranger" makes me think that she didn't know his name in high school.

tmilover 2

Even if she did remember his name, a lot of people have the same name.

I would think even hearing a similar or same name would trigger memories of the event, assuming she even knew his name to begin with. But if she didn't even know his name chances are he wasn't really stalking her. I would assume stalking victim would at least know the stalkers name, if for no reason other than to report or avoid them. But then again, I've never been stalked...that I know of...

you don't know the name. just the face. been there :/

Haha well i hope it doesnt make it too akward :o

Ydi for only liking him when he became handsome.

QuinnyZebrass 11

It only says that he looks different, not handsome. She didn't like him before because he was stalking her.

Redglare 8

Oh please, stop being self-righteous. Every relationship first starts from physical attraction, whether you want to deny that fact or no.

She wasn't even saying that he got better looking, she was saying she didn't recognise him. Anyway, even if he was good looking when he stalked her, why would she go for him?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I think #6 completely missed the point of the FML.

26, I really doubt you've been in a meaningful relationship. Whatever happened to liking someone for who they are and not how they look like?

Even though we hate to admit it but we know that number 6 is telling the truth. She specially said that his look drastically change so either, he got handsome or ugly. she is shallow but I don't blame her because that's the society we love in.

@69 - You know, because the reason for not dating him before was purely lack of physical attraction, not his potentially obsessive behavior that's quite common in STALKERS. Looks can take a drastic lateral change, you know.

bettyboop428 24

69-All I read is that OP didn't recognize him, not that she finds him any more or less attractive. There is nothing shallow about not recognizing a person-especially a 'stranger'-from the past. I swear some people need to work on their reading comprehension skills.

bettyboop428 24

Also, 65, I wanted you to know that I accidentally thumbed you up instead of down. Your comment also lacked intelligence. Most people meet out of two circumstances-common ground or physical attraction. So while not every relationship is initially based on looks, many are, and the rest are only developed over time from said common ground, whether it's school, work, friendship, etc. So to judge someone for pointing out that physical attraction just makes you seem ignorant.

Coeliacchic93 21

When I met my boyfriend it was instant attraction, and once we got to know each other I completely fell in love straight away. A relationship needs at least some physical attraction to work. But to judge someone purely on looks is very shallow.

While I agree with most of you that physical attraction is what most people recognize/look for first, you can like someone off of their personality alone, and I know that with a lot of people the better the personality the better they start to look physically as well.

OP only said his looks have changed because she didn't recognise him.

Suaria 38

Not every relationship or crush stems from being physically attracted to someone. I am asexual for instance. I can recognize when a person is good looking but I don't have any feelings passed the person looks good or feel like I want to have sex with that person. On the other hand, a person becomes way more attractive to me because of their personality than how good looking they are.

All I can say is the dude is persistent !

jramirez16 9

In a weird way that is so romantic

Score one for stalking! It's news like this that helps me to remember persistence pays off. I'm now convinced the girl I have locked in my basement WILL love me someday. Or else...

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do you have any extra rope and duct tape? i have this thing i have to deal with.

perdix 29

#13, I keep telling you to get cable down here! The reception on the bunny ears is awful and it always makes me cranky. If I had a steady diet of "Seinfeld" and "Big Bang Theory" reruns, I could probably love anyone.

Redglare 8

I have some rope and tape left over from my last escapee, 14. You're more than welcome to borrow it.

Don't forget perdix needs Internet to entertain us on fml as well.

perdix 29

#61, oh, she gives me Internet. Whenever you see a perdix comment that gets buried, it's my captor logging in as me as pretending to be me.

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although funny, dont think its appropriate after the whole Ariel Castro event

welcome to the internet buddy, where everything is fair game

Oh, man. Jane totally called me out on stalking her when I checked out her page. Well played!

It's always the awkward people that turn out to be great when you get to know them, even if it's without your knowledge.

oNisao 21

It worked for him I guess and you fell for it :p O.o