By ktreens - 19/10/2012 04:06 - Canada - Brandon

Today, I was getting out of the car when I saw a dark figure approaching me from behind a shed. I screamed and threw my bag. It also threw its bag, due to the fact that it was my shadow on the wall. FML
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well look on the bright side, it's better than a mugger.

We've all mistaken our shadows for something sinister.


well look on the bright side, it's better than a mugger.

Yeah. And since it wasn't mugger, instead of going to the police to investigate it, you can go to the internet for strangers to lmfao about it.

Ha. "bright side", "shadow"... You're a funny ninja.

Better than encountering a mugger/arranged husband.

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I don't understand why you would throw your bag though. I'd most likely hold on to mine in this situation.

38, many girls/women in my area are taught to throw their bags or wallets towards a mugger on the off chance that the mugger is also secretly a rapist.

#27- Others can't lmfao! It's my ass to laugh off, not theirs! Ltfao would be more correct. I'm extra silly AND nitpicky today!

Oh... Whoopsies... Too many scary movies?

We've all mistaken our shadows for something sinister.

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Hopefully no one saw that embarrassing moment.

I thought my foot was a big spider once

12- yeah, but instead of getting caught in the act by one person, she chose to post it online for 100,000 people to see it.

Difference is, 29, she's anonymous here so it doesn't matter as much.

56, was it a dark period in your life afterwards?

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Really lol I thought my hair was a rapist trying to kidnap me


18 - Once, I somehow convinced myself that the lettering on my shirt was a spider.

I love those comments 4. "oh, gotta get first comment, GOTTA get first comment! Should I try a pun? No time! There's no relationship, I can't say 'dump him/her', or ' sounds like a winner'... Oh, running out of time! What should I say?? Um... Er... 'HAHAHAHAHAHA'. There, that oughta do it. Did I get first comment? No? Damn."

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Or maybe 4 just found it funny...? -.-

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57 - No, trust 32. He's a professional at these kind of things. Just look at his username for proof. According to legend, every time someone tries for a shit first comment, he already knows before the editing period even finishes.

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lame max!! you deserve it. maybe you have did something wrong hence you imagine your own shadow as a "something else".

I'm sorry, did you really just say "lame max"? Please say that was a typo.

They would be better off saying their dog swallowed it, his intestinal muscles pushed the letters on the keyboard, and autocorrect tried to fill in the blanks for the literal shit it produced.

I could eat alphabet soup and shit a better comment than that.

You forgot the quotes around your comment and '-flockz' at the end, gc. You were going to give him credit, right?

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it's ok if i'm not quoted since i changed my pic anyway. now i have a creepy, ass loving dog!

Not everyone is out to get you OP! That being said there's nothing wrong with being aware of your surroundings. You may want to work on that first reaction though.

Hopefully there wasn't anything breakable on the bag like eggs or something.

I did something similar a few weeks ago. I was looking out the window and saw my shadow and just screamed and jumped. I couldn't stop laughing after that

I think it's funny. But don't worry OP, stranger things have happened. Just be glad it was your shadow and not really some bad guy.

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