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Today, after 6 months of training and going to the gym every day, I realized that the only thing I've lost is $300 worth of gas. FML
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If your main goal is losing weight, try running or jogging in your neighborhood. At least you made an effort.

Next time jog to the gym. It's a win-win situation.


If your main goal is losing weight, try running or jogging in your neighborhood. At least you made an effort.

Obviously not enough of an effort to the point where she'll see results. They can run or jog sure, or if they want a real cardio workout hop on an Erg.

Or cross fit. I dare you to say cross fit doesn't work. I'll just tell you to crawl back under your bridge and eat a billy goat.

Going to the gym won't give you any results if you're not eating healthy foods. If after 6 months of going to the gym you don't see anything there's something wrong with your diet

It doesn't matter what op is doing for exercise if diet hasn't been addressed. I was training 4 days a week and playing football but I ate like crap and because of that I was still 300lbs. I was even up too 325lbs at 33% body fat at one point. It wasnt until I changed my diet that I was able to drop to 260lbs.

^ That's also because football is a horrible workout.

On my football team we ran a shit ton every practice and I dropped 15 pounds during the first half of 2 weeks of double practices a day and I kept it off the entire season and gained it back with non healthy activities post season, but the point is, it can be a very good work out depending on where you are talking about

It's a good workout comparative to nothing or baseball, but compare it to swimming, cross country, cycling, rowing, or most other activities it will not get you into as good of shape. I laugh my ass off at all my football friends when we go on runs. They can keep up for maybe 2-3 miles but then they're just dead.

All cross country does is cover burning calories and strengthening your legs and abs somewhat. Football covers calories, legs, arms, chest, abs, shoulders, and much more... Along with a healthy diet it gets you much more physically fit than running cross country. Running isn't the only key thing to losing weight and getting into good shape. So laugh at your football friends all you want I'm sure once they catch you they can still use you as a dumb-bell and bench you. Lol

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Just because s/he isn't seeing physical results, doesn't mean s/he's not healthier for it. I think people always forget that even though you're not losing weight, you're still leading a healthier lifestyle when you work out on a regular basis. That should be worth something.

75. I don't do cross country haha. I'm not a pussy. I'm a rower and I guarantee you that you wouldn't be able to make it through 1 day of practice. Your legs would be on fire and youd be covered in your own puke before 25 minutes passed.

87 football may not be the toughest. That wasn't my point. My point was that even though I was burning plenty of calories I wasn't leaning out at all due too my diet. Oh and you wouldn't make it through half of one of my work outs.

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CrewBoy, just stop already. Different exercises will help some people more than others. Rowing works for you? Great. Football, cross country, etc work for other people. There's no right or wrong answer here, so stop trying to "win" the discussion.

There is nothing to win. Fact. Rowing is 10x harder than football. Fact. I'm a douche. Fact. I look for arguments.

Most people try to find arguements they can at least win. Fact: You're unique.

I can't win because neither of those guys have ever tried crew and wouldnt listen. I can win if they go out to one crew practice. I've done both sports at competitive levels. An Olympic rower is in better physical condition than ANY football player. If you've never tried crew then you really can't argue can you?

#102 ok we get it, you are superior to all of us when it cones to fitness

36- I eat whatever I want and lost weight. The key is portions and pushing yourself to your limits when you train. Also to set reachable goals.

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Try wrestling practice if you want extreme conditioning...

87 considering I'm from Hawaii and in a paddle club, and you don't know me in the slightest way, don't make bets your ass can't cash

^ rowing is more emphasis on legs. Paddling is all upper body.

To the people talking about football- The first two weeks made me gain eight pounds, and I doubt it was muscle.

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Or OP can put more effort and jog to the gym and give up gas. Maybe it will work?

Crewboy when I a say work out, I'm referring to the training I do for powerlifting. It's the ultimate test of strength. Not football.

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Crossfit is the god of all fitness. If you really want to lose that weight, find your nearest Crossfit box and watch the fat melt off and the muscle build on.

Crewboy- please stop attracting the hate of the FML community. Everybody will just view you as an immature asshat if you don't have the stones to admit you're speaking wrongly.

I'm a heel. If you hate me you hate me but the training for crew is 106583387x harder than for little old football. Anybody in crew can bust out an Ironman. Come do an ironman with me, then we'll talk.

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Fact. crewboy is a nerdy douche Fact. Rowing is for weirdos (named crewboy) Fact. Rowing isn't nearly as tough as crewboy makes it out to be, trust me

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Actually football players can run faster in short distance and are stronger overall, crew requires more endurance than football. Crew is more relaxed workout than football. I am talking at a college level btw

Some people can't lose weight as easily. Also, muscle weighs more than fat. Don't be discouraged!

perdix 29

#2, muscle does not weigh more than fat. Muscle is denser than fat, but a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat.

A pound of anything weighs the exact same as a pound of something else.

Well, the way you put it they will weigh the same as they are both a pound. Same as saying a pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of bricks.

"When you hear some one say-- Muscles weigh more than fat, they are referring to the same volume of muscle vs the same volume of Fat." We all know a pound is a pound is a pound. ***Always the scientist! :P

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Just too keep adding because we all got it by comment 26. He's saying that if a person with high body fat compares their weight to a person of the exact same size but had a lot of muscle they will always weigh more.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Just to add on because #63 kinda ruined it. The gist of what everyone is saying, is when you're trying to lose weight and workout, if you compare your weight now to then it would seem you've gained weight, but infact you've gained muscle mass.

Can't tell if perdix is trolling or just stupid. More dense means it ways more... You don't go pound vs. pound you go size vs weight.

I apologize for restating the point. The comment above me posted it while I was typing

76, that was the joke. If you don't know who Perdix is, you've obviously not been here very long.

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If you have the same amount of muscle as someone else does fat (assuming you have no fat and they have no muscle hypothetically), you'll weigh more. It's easier to say it like 2 did, so I didn't really think the smartass replies were funny this time..

perdix 29

#76, I'm not the one who is stupid -- I just know what these words mean. Denser means that the same volume would weigh more. Fat has a density of about 0.9 g/cc and muscle is around 1.1 g/cc. A pound of each would weigh the same, but the fat would occupy about 22% more volume.

So then your unneeded pound is a pound comment was just trolling thanks for the googled density I'm sure I'll use that at some point in life.

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Gregory607- I think YOU are the one that is trolling. I also find it funny that you berate perdix for his comment, but not #26, who basically said the same thing perdix did. So, troll, I would suggest you go back to hiding beneath your bridge now.

I gave up reading these comments. Yes a pound is a pound, and muscle has a different density than fat. But say you have a pound of muscle and a pound of fat. The muscle is as big as your fist, and the fat is double that. Basically, you could not lose much weight, but could be much leaner.

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I think if they were truly trying they'd at least lose some poundage. To lose weight and or gain weight(muscle) you gotta devote yourself and prepare for some pain. Eat healthy, daily cardio or free weight training. In a month you should see some small gains towards your goal. In 6 you should see a considerable change. OP either had a shitty regime or they sat on the couch stuffing potato chips into their pie hole.

Cardio AND free weight training. Not one or the other.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You're kind of right and kind of wrong. It really all depends on what you're trying to achieve. See me personally am in a bulking phase. Come summer will be my cutting phase. I don't do any cardio at the moment, just free weight training(barbells and dumbbells). Cardio is very very important, especially when trying to lose weight. Not arguing with you at all. I'm no pro at lifting, just an enthusiast, but as I said earlier it's really up to what your goals are.

Also, if you're a girl with extra fat you wanna shed I'd say go for free weights. Got many girl friends who's lost a hell of a lot of weight that way. Not 100% alone, but many claims it does wonders for your bum!

I agree with both of you, but I believe keeping your wind up is crucial to how you preform when free weight training. People say not to do cardio when bulking or trying to put on size but, I don't buy it

Next time jog to the gym. It's a win-win situation.

Try your clothes on before you say you lost only cash. Muscle weighs more then fat so you could of actually lost some inches. Good luck and don't give up OP.

I never said I lost any cash, and I refuse to try on any more clothes. Thanks for the support though; I thought I had kept Anonymous and I's affair secret, but you can rest assured that I will never give up on OP.

I actually do that. I joined a gym a few miles away and run there, do my arms and abs, then run home

You've lost inches and gained muscle mass. You are looking fine! Keep it up!

Where are you getting this picture of OP from?

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9- If we told you, we'd have to kill you.

#44: Can chipmunks make a dramatic sound? I'd probably be like "Awww, aren't you the cutest little rodent..."

Shame you don't live in England. You'd have lost nearly 190 pounds in England.

That took me like 5 minutes to figure out, good one

#10: I believe you've discovered how to time travel. It took you five minutes to figure out the comment, yet you replied two minutes later.

Yes, I am. I'm really an assassin from the future that is controlled by the mafia. In my spare time I just like to read fmls

I'm sorry but you are not Joseph Gordon Levitt.

#68: Where do you think they got the idea for the movie? Answer: They analyzed SortOfSexy.

No offence my dear, but a straight currency conversion doesn't cover it. Over here fuel is a hell of a lot more expensive!!! It works out at about $10 a gallon!!!

To put that in context, your average American price per gallon according to US IEA, is 3.85 compared to our $10. You're $300 would be closer to $900 which is £560!!!!!!!!!

From the past?!?!? Wouldn't that mean that you read them already or could've? :o

117 - My apologies, I didn't factor in inflation. I honestly didn't realize that gas was more expensive in Europe. I was merely making a clever pun. Although, if I had researched it properly, I wouldn't have been post number six, and my wordplay would have been buried. Win some, lose some, I say.

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Try cutting calories on top of working out. I can never lose weight with just working out, either. Keep your chin up!

7- About 2/3 of weight loss can come from modified your diet alone. I'm doing P90X right now on slightly carb reduced, minus all the junk food, and it's going very well. :) But I also made sure to read everything I could to make sure I wasn't sabotaging myself in the process. Perhaps Op would benefit from meeting with a nutritionist and a gym coach. It helped me!

perdix 29

#7, or keep your chins up, as the case may be. We don't know much about the OP.

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That's what I thought! I drive a 10 mile round trip to school everyday in my parents car (but i have to pay for fuel) and it costs me $300 a month.

Sometimes after I workout I want to eat more. Try cutting backing your food intake.

NONONONONO 8!!!!!! As soon after you work out as possible, eat! Have things with simple carbs (sugar) and protein especially, for a quick refuel of energy, maybe some electrolytes (potassium, sodium) and B vitamins to enable muscle repairs and energy use. Take small but consistent drinks of water.

That takes some crazy commitment, you need to look at the characteristics you've shown to keep persevering over the six months. Those will stick with you way longer than any gym buff body will

Well, routine and healthy eating help too? If you work hard enough--you can, and WILL lose weight. It's not impossible. Just harder for some people. All about your metabolism and drive :)