By anonymous - 17/09/2013 17:52 - United States

Today, I was uninvited to a bachelorette party. I wouldn't really care, if the party hadn't been for me, ahead of my wedding tomorrow. FML
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How do you get uninvited to your OWN party!!?

UnluckyGenius 21

Hire a bouncer to keep all of them out.


UnluckyGenius 21

Hire a bouncer to keep all of them out.

Wow. Some friends you have. Best wishes to you at your wedding!!

Yeah , you still have time to get other girls to be the brides maids and maid of honour . Sweetest revenge (: Have an amazing wedding! I'm sure you'll look beautiful

How do you even get uninvited to your OWN party? I'm sorry but YDI for letting it happen >.>

27, if the wedding is tomorrow, there really isn't time. If it's anything like my sister's wedding, the bridesmaids & MOH have spent months in preparation for this, not to mention having their dresses tailored to their unique sizes.

Well, wouldn't that be a pity?

Gotta love being the bad guy once in a while :p

Screw your friends, just make it an all you day!! woot! who needs friends! (insert forever alone meme here)

if she's getting married I don't think she counts as forever alone.

How do you get uninvited to your OWN party!!?

I would also like an answer to this question.

She has nice friends.

Ch_rae5 19

maybe it was just an excuse to spend OP's money on an awesome party for them.

Those are not friends who you need in your life. You're getting married soon, so you'll always have that one friend for life! Cheer up, OP.

It's your bachelorette party, love, if you want to go then go.

Ibuki 15

Just go if you want to! Did you ask why you weren't?

narkill 13

No, she just accepted defeat and cancelled the wedding too.

11, is that the face you make all the time?

YeaSo3 14

10 idk why you got so many down thumbs OP need some backbone. .go in there guns blazing (figuratively speaking) cuss everybody out! its your party!!!


Go have a fun night out by yourself! They're obviously not your real friends if they uninvited you to your own party!

So so bit*** sorry doll hope you can be happy just to have your man and get rid of the other dead weight! You go girl!

KhrystallDaBest 15

It has nothing to do with the man she is marrying. Her 'friends' uninvited her.