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Today, everyone was telling me a girl I like wanted me to ask her on a date. I approached her, and asked if it was true. She said yes, but only because she wanted to reject me in person. FML
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Hey everyone, this is the person who posted this. No I'm not a creepy stalker, I'm a normal person. Today, the girl who did this asked my best friend on a date. My best friend is pretty popular, so a lot of people manage to follow what he does. After she asked, he only pointed and laughed at her, at which the point where everyone proceeded to turn around and laugh at her as well. I feel better now.

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You know, every day I ask myself just how low can my own gender go....I think they've managed to reach lower than the fiery depths of hell at this point.

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Best friend of the year award to...THAT GUY!


You know, every day I ask myself just how low can my own gender go....I think they've managed to reach lower than the fiery depths of hell at this point.

Gotta respect a b!tch that's evil enough to be mean with the old 'in-person' style, or is it that she just wanted to savor the pain she inflicted?!?

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Agreed #1, us girls sucks. Thats why I only have about two girl-friends and a bunch of guy-friends.

Meh, she knew and surely it was awkward for her, at least she was kind enough to get him over her the quick way, less pain for him in the long run... Beats some situations I've been stuck in

Girls are so ridiculous. She went out of her way to be mean to this poor guy. OP, forget her and move on, definitely NOT worth it.

We don't know that she was trying to be vindictive and isn't every other fml about how people are rejected via IM, or text, or school newsletter, etc? It sounds to me like this girl didn't feel like getting ogled by a guy who wasn't getting any anyway. She's letting him move on instead of letting this become a different fml 20 years later when he finally proclaims his love and she's forgotten who he is.

comfort yourself with the fact that she'll most likely end up fat and miserable and emasculating to whoever marries her. do you really want that?

Sure, you can make that assumption, but it's just as likely that she's a total babe who'll only get progressively more attractive until she hits her mid-thirties and by that point she'll have already established an easy, successful lifestyle for herself.

Well, see, the thing of it is, if she continues with such a bitchy and high-and-mighty attitude, she's going to end up miserable in the end. Or constantly wringing divorces out of any poor saps who vie for her attention.

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She's gonna grow up to be a hooker.

She was tired of you staring her down like a dog in heat. Next time don't pretend you have Superman x-ray vision and look away once in a while.

slap her and tell her to ******* chew her food. trust me, solves everything

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ChokeThaBitch. [: Or... "Oh. Well, then, I'm glad we're here, cause I wanted to kick your ass in person."

Since she told everyone SHE wanted you to ask her for a date, then you can just tell everyone YOU rejected her.

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I don't think OP is a cow, 59.

Haha. What a bitch. Be thankful she didn't go on a date with you, dood.

I don't think she was being a bitch. I think that she knew you liked her, and knew that she wasn't interested, and wanted you to ask her so she can just get the rejection over and done with, rather than let you think you have a chance for a long time while you build up your courage. She probably didn't actually ENJOY rejecting you, but she just wanted you to know where you stood with her. Of course, she could have handled it differently, but whatever way she handled it, you still probably would've put it on FML. Since there isn't really a "nice" way to reject someone. And I don't know this, either, maybe she gets her kicks out of rejecting guys, in which case, she's a bitch. But I'm inclined to think that she just wasn't comfortable with watching you hope you have a chance when you didn't.

That's true, she definately could have handled it better, she could have thought about it a bit more, and that wasn't the best way to go about it, but her motives may not have been as bad as everyone's assuming. And maybe she just wasn't smart enough/sensitive enough to come up with a better way. I'm not saying she was completely justified, but that doesn't mean she's as big of a bitch as everyone's making her out to be. Also, we don't know how the rumour started. Maybe she started the rumour on purpose so he'd ask her out, or she could've just told her friend, "I wish he'd just ask me out so I could get it over with" without any intention of her friend to pass that on.

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seems kinda nasty, but we don't have all the facts. Maybe he is a creepy stalker type person yes they exist, believe me:( and it wasn't so much of a she wants you to ask her out, as she wants to talk to you (so that she can tell you to back off), and he being creepy stalker who thinks that he is actually good enough inspite of his disgusting ugliness, and pervertedness,, and being a compelete moron, took it the wrong way. (sorry, same thing is happening to me, and Im getting fed up. and yet, when I tell him to back off I'M the b*tch because for some reason even though he is ugly, stupid, and completely, disgustingly perverted, with no descernable charm, its not his fault that I'm not interested in him! I'm just being a stuck up jerk. and for some idiotic reason, he takes everything the wrong way, thinking that im interested in him when im not. So when I tell him we need to talk, or when someone else tells him we need to talk, he seems to think that it means that I want to be with him) Or the girl is just a stuck up fool.