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Today, I took a girl I like to the movies. Everything went great until I went in to kiss her. She didn't object, but my mother, who apparently followed me to the theater and was now pulling me away by my shirt while saying, "We're leaving!" certainly did. FML
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Wow, are some mum's really this protective of their children? Maybe she knows something about the girl you don't? Or maybe your age has something to do with this?

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haha, your mom is is controlling, & seriously #1? Why even try?

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I clicked FYL because I understand what its like to have controlling parents. It REALLY sucks...but come on let your mom drag you away? In front of the girl you like too?! stand up for yourself dude.

Of course not, he got interrupted by a jealous old lesbian cougar!

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My dad always insists on going with me to the movies but I reject his asss

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Wowwwwww....if i were you, OP, then I would be so freaking mad at my mom...

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yeah but hey imagine if (God forbid) his mom was gone one day. see guys this is why you should cherish who you have in your life cause life is to short to get mad and you don't know if one day the person you love is gone. don't take life for granted people. word of the wise

aww you're a mommy's boy OP, that really stinks i feel ya

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"Today, I was beginning to have foreplay with my husband, and my 13 year old son came (LOL)in and grabbed me by the collar, he proceeded to shout "we're leaving" and pulled me out." revenge, the ultimate solution.

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what should he do make a scene and come off as a disrespectful jerk by pulling back?

Holy eff, are you my cousin? It sounds like something my aunt would do

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131 - that's cool, I'm in love with me too. it happens

#19 is damn right lol. she's a **** block though :(

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What makes you all think OP is a boy? :P

Because "Jake" is almost always a boy's name.

hey, overprotective parents are cool. just ask my dad, if I talk to a guy he threatens to send me away to Scotland and live with my relatives.

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I think yours is great too.It really shows your "inner" self

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some parents are just overbearing. that's way too much if you ask me.

Mabey your mother thinks your too young for that kind of contact. I know i was a bit over protective with my daughter while she was growing up.

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uhh so bill Cosby over here fer shure just made my day

omfg I would kill her. also op is weak because she was able to grab him and remove him from the theater.

You should have screamed something while she dragged you right in front of security. Something like "RAPE!".. at least you would get more time to spend with your girly-friend..

YDI for attempting to fornicate (ESPECIALLY in a public place like that), for ever going to a movie theater, for wearing a shirt, and for having a mother.

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Sounds horrible. Looking up to random people on this Terran Inter-Net strikes me as even more pointless than looking up to sports stars who perform in futile events. I'm not bringing you down, am I? Life. Don't talk to me about life.

#9: of course you look up to me. I'm a giraffe. I'm 23 feet tall. #11: You don't sound like the kind of hoopty frood who always knows where his towel is.

if you're going to troll, do it well. You friggen suck at it.

This RF so cool, human VS elf VS robot! they battle each other, check it out! below it the link ~

#22, are you that teacher from the other FML? oh, and lol rumad?

I don't look up to 3. shitty username is like subtle troll's remorse. sad.

What's wrong with Trollz? He has excellent humour. Like a troll version of Perdix... :P

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Trollz, I am sorry to admit this, but I used to think you were annoying. But my sense of humor decided to overcome that, and you and pendatik are now two of my favorite commenters.

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^ some people can't take a joke, and don't know what a troll is. Get a sense of humor. It doesn't bite...

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^Some people don't know what a troll is. (read his username..) And others can't take a joke. Get a sense of humor, it doesn't bite..

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He couldn't possiable have LULZ in his name if he didn't cause them. That's fraud.

STOP BITCHING AND LAUGH! rage complete. |the kid|

Dude, fornicating in public is the shit

Wow, are some mum's really this protective of their children? Maybe she knows something about the girl you don't? Or maybe your age has something to do with this?

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I know. I wish I knew how old the OP was.

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the age has nothing to do with it.. I mean is there any age it is not right to kiss? seriously..

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61, yes, there is. It's up to the parents.

GoodLookingGeese, my point about age was, I could understand the mum's behaviour if the OP was say thirteen or younger, I mean, it's still a bit over the top, but it's more understandable than if say the OP is seventeen. And Schitz has a valid point.

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61 yes there is such a thing as being too young to kiss. Maybe when you have children of your own you might understand more. Right now, I'm not planning on raising any ****** that don't understand boundies.

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5--you're letting the kid go to the movies on a date she obviously knew where he was and who he was with, then to storm out of nowhere and drag him away is just wrong, at any age

jakii - I'm not saying what the mum did was right. I was saying it was more understandable if he was younger. Also, for all we know, his mum might have told him the condition he was allowed to go on, was no kissing. It's also possible she didn't, true, and you have a valid point that she shouldn't complain if she originally said yes, if she knew the full details.

yes i AM right don't let your kd out if you're going to end up stalking him ruin your own life, not his

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93, no you're not right. You MAY be right. I'm right. You're also an idiot.

#71, Where to start? I agree that there is an age when children are too young to kiss, and that's the age before they develop the motor skills to be able to do so. Once they can, they start imitating those around them, even things they don't understand. I think you are saying that there is an age where children should not be allowed to kiss, and again, I disagree. Children will become curious about their sexuality at some point, and they should be educated to take precautions so they don't do anything stupid. Stopping a child from quite possibly their first charged kiss is really idiotic (unless the circumstances are extraordinary). The message it sends could cause the child to feel bad about their sexual urges, and then they are going to start sneaking behind the parents' backs, and that's when you get an unwanted pregnancy. Of course, this is just my opinion, which, brings me to my second point, typing opinion makes me think of the word onion. That is all.

93 is right it's kinda creepy his mom was stalking him.

104--nahh i'm pretty sure i am a degree you can go stalk your kids now

104--nahh i'm pretty sire i'm right you can go stalk your kids now

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122, wow. I obviously didn't read the thread. Still haven't and I'm not going to. You simply said I'm right so I'm saying you're wrong and I'm right. :P You may be right in your own head but what you said was an opinion. Not a fact therefore you're not right. I'm being a hypocrite. :) I'm love, what do you expect? The point is although you may feel like what the mum did was wrong, a lot of people would disagree with what you said. You're not right either way. And thank you but no. I'm not that kind of mother. :]

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105 Alkix Sorry so late in responding (I was at a Godsmack concert :) I have read some of your past comments and really enjoy your view points on many things. Again it all depends on the age of a "child". Just because they are curious doesn't give them free range to act on their urges. I'm fully aware about sexuality. Educate? Ofcousre-on self respect, not giving into peer pressure and self control. It starts with kissing doesn't it? When my children take that step, they will know it's the right time for "them" because they will be "old enough" to think for themselves.

As I see it, the key word in the sourgirl/Alkix debate is "allow." It's one thing to teach your child that exploring sexuality starts with kissing, and therefore advise your child to wait to kiss until he or she understands boundaries and the effects of peer pressure. It's quite another thing to say "You may not and will not kiss anyone until x (basically, 'when I say you're ready')." OP's situation is obviously an extreme of the latter. I agree with Alkix about the potential for harm such an extreme response poses. IMO, it's just as, if not more, dangerous than not paying any attention to your teen's life, especially when such restrictions are coupled with a lack of education and open, honest communication about sex. I do think, though, that kids should be encouraged to enjoy their childhoods as much as possible. It bothers me in a way I can't articulate to see parents encouraging their elementary-school kids to have and kiss boyfriends and girlfriends before the thought naturally occurs to them. Basically, I think either extreme is unhealthy. I'm not and won't be a parent, though, so take that for what it's worth. ;)

why are all your responses like 10 ******* lines long

144- I dated a Mormon and it sucked! he couldn't tell his parents so we never could hang out :( he was a great guy though

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well sourgirl I don't take kissing as bitching as you do. And to surprise you I have a 12 year old home, so what's your point? The OP went on a date let say he is 12 and so what? who says he cannot kiss. It's safe, it's funny and either him or his girlfriend won't get preg ( especially him). So why not? what so wrong in it? What wrong even if he was 6 or 5 year old????

Jakii, if that "yes i AM right" comment was aimed at my post, then you should reread it. I never said you were wrong, I was just stating that not everyone would agree, and that there is a difference between right and understandable. There aren't always clear cut right and wrong answers.

i was kidding jeezuzz we all get what i'm getting accross thank you

149: I can't tell who you're talking to, but no matter who it is, why do you give a crap? If the post looks too long for your attention span, skip it. There's no rule against having pertinent debates, and some of us enjoy putting more thought behind our responses than a comment like "lol haha ur mom sux!!1!" requires.

Exactly, Irish. Though Pendatik has a point. And Jakii, I've seen one too many idiots on this sight, so I don't always assume people are joking. Sorry.

#164 High five! That comment had an extensive amount of big words and now the entire population of this unintelligent website thinks your really really smart. Congrats on impressing a bunch of morons! ;D haha!

u guys have it all wrong kissing is psychological, one kiss does NOT mean that ur kids are going to go get pregnant. if u ask any kid under the age of 12, kissing to them just means that ur showing u like someone, its just innocent only wen a child gets to 13 and up, does kissing have alittle bit of a deeper meaning. it is the first step in sexuality. ur child is not going to become a ***** if they have their first kiss at 13. i didnt get mine til 15 because i waited for the right guy. i know 17 year olds that havent gotten their first kiss, not because of their parents, but because they made the decison to wait

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Wow, everyone seems to be very defensive when it comes to talking about moms.

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Any age under 12. Even that's a little soon. the mom was just being a bitch.

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Sounds disgraceful. Did you two decide to fritter away your pointless time by immersing yourself in a fictional world for a while in the hopes of forgetting how utterly miserable the universe is? You probably made things even worse. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

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Marvin I have discovered the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything; 42 :)

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You are correct, #117. Disappointing, isn't it? Absolutely dreadful. I didn't think I could get any more depressed, but then you had to bring that up. I won't hold it against you, though. I just hope I'm not dragging you down in my misery. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

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YDI for kissing a girl on the first date. It's not kiss on the first date. It's **** on the first date. Even though you didn't say "first date," I still know it was!!!!

You make no sense. and what's wrong with kissing on the first date if everything went well? she obviously didn't object if it wasn't for the mom they'd be living happily ever after xD

fyl op! next time make sure she doesnt creep up on u again

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Haha. You're mom followed you there? FYL, op.

Should have said you were checking for cavities.