By Puppy problems - 27/10/2013 01:23 - United States - Essex Junction

Today, I invited my boyfriend over to meet my new puppy. My dog decided to take a dump on his lap. He is now not talking to me because he thinks I trained my dog to do that. FML
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Your BF seems a little emotional. And ridiculous. Just try to talk some sense into him.


Your BF seems a little emotional. And ridiculous. Just try to talk some sense into him.

She would do better talking sense into a brick wall... You cannot fix stupid.

D: I don't think spraying frabreeze will help will it?

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Febreeze is one of the problems in your sentence.

Febreze is a problem in both sentences!

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Time for troll dog to shine! For far too long we've focused on troll Grandparents and more! Let us realize the threat that is now among us!

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Number 1 dog trainer, good job OP.

Hopefully he won't DUMP her for all the SHIT he's gone through.

well that's a shi- *slaps self* NO! we will not utilise overused puns that everyone downvotes That is an unfortunate situation in the excretery sense

If you say the word downvote in a comment, you're probably going to get down voted

I just realized I may have just jinxed myself...

Have your boyfriend take a dump on the puppy to get even. Battleshits!

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Trust in the judgement of your pup. Your bf sounds like an idiot. Maybe you should dump him. (but not on him)

Can you imagine how confused Sean Connery's grand kids are when he asks them to "shit" on his lap...

Well of course he's mad! Isnt it obvious that everyone trains their dog to do that!

Well well well. I suggest you dump your boyfriend sounds like he is "full of shit" What an idiot