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  simonsaysYDI  |  8

He could request longer shifts too, if he's doing part time stuff. Working those short 4 hour shifts can be horrible to make money when you have to drive a long distance.

  pandainspandex  |  19

Getting a new car probably isn't the best option, considering that would cost at least a couple thousand dollars while finding a new job would cost nothing.

  desireev  |  17

16- Your comment would be suitable to the post. But nowhere does it say that OP works part time. Bringing up a point or making a suggestion to something completely irrelevant just makes no sense at all.

  Soloman212  |  28

33- "IF he's doing part time stuff". The post was very relevant, as it is a potential solution to OP's problem, and makes a lot of sense, and longer hours means less commute per hour.

  MDTeddy  |  13

Getting a different vehicle is actually an okay solution. There are cars great on gas in towns and cities and then there are cars better on gas for those who travel more often.

  TrollRoaster  |  0

Ok i get your point. Buying a thousands of dollars car will help OP in this situation. Btw please try to maintain your respect even online by atleast not calling a complete stranger an idiot. Thank you.

  walmartpaysme  |  15

56, you are assuming OP has a car that is worth something. If OP is working a job that doesn't pay well, I doubt they are driving a car with a high re-sell value. Plus, we are just assuming OP's car is not already gas efficient. OP's job is most likely just a low paying job.

  Jaxx66  |  21

TrollRoaster- I see you're new here. If you get upset when a 'stranger' calls you an idiot, (which is very mild for here) then you have no business being here. Or on the Internet for that matter.

  walmartpaysme  |  15

87, if you can't handle the insults you probably shouldn't comment. I've been insulted quite a few times and it sucks, but either let it roll off your back or stop commenting.

  Jmerridew124  |  5

Think about it. The guy obviously has a car, and it likely has some value. If he sold it or traded it in for a used car with better mileage, he could spend little or even no money depending on what kind of car he has now.

By  neurodoc  |  1

Well time to re analyze and see if public transport is an option or a more fuel efficient car or moving closer to work or car pooling or alternative fuels or if all else fails another job... (Also factor in whether u have health insurance etc).. Good luck. Hope you find a solution..

  neurodoc  |  1

#18 - agree.

There is a catch though. Distance and incline and whether you can get to your work with a little bit of a work out would factor in too.
(Wouldn't imagine an impeccably dressed hotel receptionist of a classy hotel for instance, bike, say 45min, to work and arrive all sweaty and smelly, while if you are working in a nursery getting all dirty with mud and plants it would be totally feasible)

By  GothickNihilist  |  15

Here are some solutions
1: carpool
2: take public transportation
3: get a second job to supplement your income . Whether that be mowing lawns, babysitting , or even selling on EBay.
I hope some of these ideas help you.


Honestly anything limited edition works . Rare books , CDs , DVDs , clothing or different collectables . Also if you're artistically inclined a good way to make money is by selling stuff on Deviant art . Message me if you want to know more . Have a great day .