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Today, a stray dog came up to my living room window. My pitbull went into attack mode and tried to jump through said window, while it was closed. Now I have to pay to replace the window, and pay to get stitches for my idiot dog. FML
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lilmisslovely13 15

Thats not true. Like all dogs, it depends on the training. My aunt has a pitbull and it's one of the sweetest dogs I've met.

A chuhuahua can be just as mentally vicious as a pitbull, in fact those little bitches will bite your toes off, but when they do it, it's cute. If a pitbull did the same thing, he's probably have to be put down. Double standards? Yes. And it's pretty damn obvious considering those loving canines are banned from the UK. It's time to unite and fight breedism, their time is now.


Jadwee96 8

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How to be Pitbull: 1. Say two Spanish words. 2. Say Dalé

peachesncreem 21

Pitbull is NOT a singer. That's an insult to people that can actually sing.

Pitbull ruins every song which he's featured in -.-

Well Pitbull is an idiot so I see the confusion.

duckfan4life 1

I can't say I blame you for the confusion they both seem logical

perdix 29

How can you not love Mr. Worldwide, 305? He's a treasure! Who else could rhyme "if you know what I mean" with "if you know what I mean?" It takes balls to write poetry like that.

KiddNYC1O 20

72- I disagree. Whether you like him or not, or he's good or bad, people feature him because he sells.

baybay_ftw 5

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baybay_ftw 5

I replied to the wrong comment, my apologies.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Imagining pitbull (the singer) jumping through a window because he saw another bald man with sunglasses in the daytime is hilarious.

perdix 29

#160, Corey Hart had lots of hair and wore his sunglasses *lowers sunglasses* at night.

fat_snooki_lol 6

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lilmisslovely13 15

Thats not true. Like all dogs, it depends on the training. My aunt has a pitbull and it's one of the sweetest dogs I've met.

2 and 29 you guys couldn't be further from the truth actually. A good friend of mine breeds them. It's all in their raising, nice generalizations though.

Any dog can be aggressive. It just depends on how well the owner raised and socialized the dog.

A chuhuahua can be just as mentally vicious as a pitbull, in fact those little bitches will bite your toes off, but when they do it, it's cute. If a pitbull did the same thing, he's probably have to be put down. Double standards? Yes. And it's pretty damn obvious considering those loving canines are banned from the UK. It's time to unite and fight breedism, their time is now.

Bad owners can give any breed a bad reputation. I grew up with a pitbull, he was one of the nicest dogs I ever knew, like the rest here said, it all depends on how you raise them.

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nightowl713 25

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The reason I came to that conclusion was because when I was a lot younger I almost got killed by one. But you guys are right, it really does depend on the owner most times

Shows what you know. Cocker Spaniels used to have a reputation for aggressiveness. They are hunting dogs bred to find and terrorize birds out of hiding, and people used to raise them accordingly. The only thing that's changed since then is the way people train them and that the practice of inbreeding has been been drastically reduced.

shadexilmaendu 4

Was 2 implying they're dangerous? I though he was just talking about their size, they've got those big heads and I'm sure would be easily capable of taking out a window. At least that's what I thought he meant. Only Pitt I ever met who was mean spent 2 years locked in a closet. I think he had a reason to be angry. Aside from that they're usually the sweetest dogs, had one I just met at a party a few weeks ago that wouldn't stop trying to slobber all over me.

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I feel ad for Pitbulls they are like the black people of the dog world. People just assume some crazy stereotype. Not fair, love my pit.

69 - i can just imagine a chihuahua killing a person...

Really? That's quite ignorant. ANY animal can become aggressive if mistreated and even then it depends on the dog, because I have a small mutt that's pretty evil. Pitbulls have a bad reputation thanks to the horrific things that have been done to a lot of them and are being blamed wrongfully; just as Dobermans, Rottweilers and German Shepard's were blamed.

You guys. Just watch the dog whisperer he had a pittbull named daddy that was so awesome and sweet he uses that dog to help rehabilitate other dogs. More often than not it was LITTLE dogs like Pomeranians and chihuahuas on his show that we're aggressive and territorial. He shows how its our fault as the owner for the dog's behavior not the dog.

devandanae 11

My one year old plays with a pit that has snapped once before and she plays perfectly with my one year old.

unknown_user5566 26

I have a pitbull mix, and he is the BIGGEST BABY I've ever met. My German Shepherd mix is way more ferocious than he is. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that back in the day, people who trained pitbulls to fight conditioned them to NOT bite humans (since humans would sometimes have to go into the dog ring). So if I am remembering correctly, then the "omg pitbulls are so mean to humans" argument is invalid. Granted they can SOMETIMES have dog to dog aggression, but many breeds can.

nightowl713 25

@94- why would you even let a 1yr old around a pit bull that has been known to "snap"? I would never endanger my child's life for a dog. If its done it once it will more than likely happen again! Is your baby worth that chance? 

49 Research canine aggression. Any dog can get it. Sounds to me like that pit didn't get the proper shots. If you take your dog to a vet there is a shot that helps prevent a chemical imbalance that can occur in any dog at any time. The dog probably didn't receive it and may have possibly had that imbalance which could have resulted in the attack. I have a pit mix, we got him that shot. No problems. Every pit I ever met has been an absolute baby, nothing pointed towards being naturally vicious at all. Point being, doesn't matter what kind of dog you have: train it and make sure the dog gets all shots they need. Takes more than training to make sure you have a healthy happy pet.

You guys have obviously never met Caesar Milan's pitbulls.

I agree with almost everyone here. I mean 15 years ago Dobermans were considered evil and vicious. I have three, and I will tell you what, they will not hesitate to lick you to death. The stereotypes on pit bulls is inaccurate. It all depends on how the person breeds them. Sure there are those freak accidents but that happens with every animal. But of course since it happens to pitbulls too, they must all be bad.

b_rad_fml 4

I agree! Fight breeding of pit bulls!

I have a Jack Russell and a Great Dane. People are more afraid of my Dane, but my Jack Russell would try to take a bite of you before my Dane would even look at you the wrong way. People just pigeonhole breeds, when it really varies.

your are more likely to be bit by a lab or retriever (apparently good family dog) then any other breed, it's in the raising and how you trust the, always remember its a wild animal.

Have to say someone who breeds pits, when thousands upon thousands are euthanized in shelters daily due to the public's negative perception of them and the shear numbers of them, is worse than the people possessing those negative, FALSE perceptions. I'm currently fostering a pit for my local animal shelter and, while he can play a bit rough from lack of training as a puppy, he has a heart of pure gold and wouldn't hurt a fly. Well, he's a bit derpy and does enjoy chasing and catching flies, but you get the point. Personally, I think OP was asking for negative comments when she mentioned the breed of her "idiot" dog.

Labs are responsible for more bites than any other dogs per year, part of that is because there are more labs in homes but even than. As far as pits go for being a good dog, in fact a real pit is an one of the finest breeds of dog and they can be used for anything. Most of pits you get now days are poorly bred, causing genetic problems. But even though they were bred as fighting dogs, it was for fighting other DOGS. The sport didn't tolerate any dog on human violence and if the dogs showed aggression towards humans they were put down. So the only problems you should have (if trained properly) is dog on dog violence. But remember, violence is learned behavior. 56 the pits bite force is not that impressive, weaker than a German shepherds, and not even close to a Rottweilers. Oh and I just thought I'd add that the pits jaw doesn't actually lock. It's just a myth.

missashzilla 17

I used to be a dog groomer. I'm not gonna lie, I have scars all over my hands from being bit by dogs. I have never been bitten by a pit bull. Tons of them came in since we were the only local grooming company that would accept them and honestly, they were all as sweet as they could be. I also groomed a lot of other "bully breeds" without a single problem. Every one of the scars on my hands are from chihuahuas, yorkies, pomeranians, etc. People don't feel threatened by the small breeds, but they bite more kids than all of the "bully breeds" put together and I can tell you from personal experience, they are MEAN People need to stop encouraging mindless and discriminatory hate towards certain breeds and wake the hell up. Sure pit bulls have bitten people, but so did Mike Tyson. Does this mean we should start putting down all the black people? I mean after all, black people do commit crimes, right? No! We shouldn't! Hating particular breeds is ridiculous. If every crime committed by a black man got the same amount of media attention that a pit bull attack got, these blind and ignorant people that support "bully breed" hate would also support another Holocaust, only this one would be aimed at the black men.

85, I agree, Daddy was a sweet dog, he now uses a pit named Junior. Pits as well as any other dog needs to be socialized as puppies, by responsible owners!

145 junior is daddy's son no? I miss seeing daddy I wanted to steal him he was so cute and well natured! :( may he RIP.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Forget a dog, get a platypus.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

I just read through all the comments and I can't help but notice people saying "Oh! It's a stereotype" "Oh! I have a pit bull and people are afraid for no reason" "Oh! Be afraid of Pomeranians!". Shut up. It isn't a stereotype. People would generally be more afraid of a pit bill or Doberman than any pomeranian, not because of a stereotype but because of THE SIZE. Which one would you rather pet, an aggressive rat or the friendliest bear on the planet?

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Second, the smaller breed of dog would obviously be more aggressive than the much bigger breeds. Again, because of the size. A smaller dog would feel more threatened by humans than a bigger dog which can hold its own weight.

156 I think the issue is still stereotypes though. Labs and pits are about the same size but people don't get all afraid of Labs. Plus with any dog if you are nervous they get nervous and then someone ends up getting bit,

loganbangs 2

@60 I don't understand how a bird dog has the reputation of being aggressive. I have a weimaraner and two German short hairs. (all three bird pointing dogs) and none are aggressive. or even have the reputation. they're just bred to point out or flush birds. Cockerel spaniels have never been rumored to be aggressive either.

Cocker Spaniels aren't pointers. They're bred to be terrorize other animals, not simply indicate where they are. Anyway, it really had a lot to do with inbreeding as well. They were a popular breed at one time, so breeders used to pair their related Cocker Spaniels to keep them "pure" bred and to make a profit faster and cheaper rather than taking the time to rent a stud from another owner. Inbreeding causes insanity in dogs just the same as it does in humans. I'll bet people are doing the same thing with Pit Bulls now.

aimeesea75 16

2- you are so ignorant it's not even funny. People who assume all pit bulls are violent are so irritating -.-

34- I agree with you, because my teachers trained pitbull is really gentle, and my neighbor's Pomeranian bit a kid that was walking by her house one day, and left deep teeth marks, but drew no blood.

dunnoaname 2

That is a completely uneducated statement! I worked at a boarding kennel for a year and as an animal protection officer for 2 years, an I've dealt with many pit bulls, rottis, and many other breeds ignorant uneducated people like you have deemed dangerous. In all the time I've been bit by one lab and a lot of small dogs , but never a "dangerous breed" There's nothing different about these dogs just as there is nothing different amongst people gay, straight, black, white were all the same, some have just been raised to think different.

WhisperSoflty 20

Fun fact: the American Kennel Club, the premier authority on breeds in the US, doesn't recognize the "pit bull" as a breed. What most people call pit bulls are actually American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Boxers, or a mix of one, two, or three of those. Some "pit bulls" have actually had DNA tests done which show that they're such a mix mash of different breeds that its almost impossible to guess what the mother and father are. Also, of the top 5 breeds with the most dog bites per capita in the US, Labrador Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers, and Chihuahuas all make the list. Just something to think about, for those ignorant of the facts.

lmc07011 2

You are a ******* ra-tard. Because ANY dog can be vicious. People need to stop being so ignorant about pitbulls.

161, it depends how they're trained, I had a cocker spaniel who was extremely sweet, but my friend had one who was really mean.

181- Actually, I think what they're referring to in this FML is the American pitbull terrier, which is the breed that we usually think of whenever someone says "pitbull"... just sayin

Incorrect. The pit bulls YOU encountered were dangerous. My neighbors two pit bulls play with my cairn terriers all the time.

tjv3 10

My coworker had a pit and he raised it from a puppy. I was the most love able dog. He was never mistreated never abused and loved his children. Then out of the blue one day he snapped and bit his son on the face. Damn near killed him. All his son did was walk by just like he had done day after day for years. He just snapped and tried to eat his face off. So y'all can say what you will about how it depends on how it is raised. That is a bunch of bullshit. They shouldn't be allowed near kids or in neighbor hoods with kids. My coworker had to beat the dog with a board to get it to release his son. And incase you missed it the pit was raised and grew up with his son then bam tried to eat him. Now the pit is dead.

Fail_For_Me 3
leahmae88 7

Pitbulls are not vicious. It's all about the owners. Idiot.

I don't know how you can be so ignorant. The reasons pitbulls have a reputation of being aggressive is not because they are vicious. It is because when they attack it's devastating, pitbulls aren't actually very aggressive in comparison to other dogs.

missashzilla 17

181- Fun Fact: The AKC is a money racket. They allow people to register "Labradoodles." They see that mutts - wait I mean "designer breeds" are suddenly popular. People always want their dogs to be registered so all of a sudden things such as yorkiepoos and labradoodles are "actual breeds." AKC makes me pay for one of their DNA tests before I can register my imported German Shepherds. Those DNA tests are just another way they make money off of people. Their DNA tests can't even prove the breed of the dog. You really shouldn't put so much faith in the AKC and their opinions. Just saying...

The dog has snapped once. That does not mean it is a danger to the child's life. Everyone dog I own has snapped at least once either at another dog or someone that was mean or startling, and they are the sweetest dogs ever who just want to be petted or fed. Don't over dramatize a simple situation. The point of the story was she let her 1 yr old play with the dog and there were never any problems.

That one that jumped through the window.

The one 500Miles away... What one were you thinking of?

There were two dogs involved in the story. Personally, I pity the stray dog more, he's probably looking bad too and has no one to take care of him. I mean, if the pitbull actually got him, of course. The window might have caused a KO.

23- There's a dumbass dog who hurt himself trying to kill another dog and there's a lonely dog with no one to love him. I was just wondering which one #3 decided was more logical to refer to as the "poor dog".

Some dogs actually attack mirrors and windows after they see their reflections. Lol

That's true, I also heard than only the extremely intelligent dogs are able to recognize themselves in a mirror, apparently it requires some greater amount of consciousness.

secretsymbiote21 5
tjv3 10

Of course it did its a pit bull . They have been bred for 100s of years to hunt fight attack etc. wait until it mauls OP's face off. Pits have their place but it's not as a family pet.

unknown_user5566 26

73- Kindly take your ignorance, and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

LiesAndMischief 4

73 - Really? About a year ago, I was sitting alone in the field of a park when suddenly I saw this pitbull off his leash and running straight at me. I was ******* terrified, but what did he do? He started licking my face. The owner showed up soon after and apologized (profusely I might add), but the point is that pitbulls are given a bad rep when they are capable of incredible affection just like any other dog.

73- It's people like you who have no knowledge of the dog that give them such a bad reputation. Why don't you try owning one and see how wrong you are.

Its true, i never really thought of pits as vicious (i wasn't sure) but now that i have a pitbull mix i realize how wrong people are about pitbulls they are so misunderstood its ridiculous

Do you really need to share this with everyone?

Sorry, I thought it said titts lol, I apologize for my dislexia.

You're lucky it didn't catch the other dog. Would probably be the end of your dog.

Really? Does nobody here live where there is a pit bill ban? Pits can be put down around here of deemed dangerous.

FML users don't normally try to understand a comment before voting on it.

It wasn't attack mode; he was just trying to say hi. They're secretly best buds, just so you know.

Train it so it learns what's right and what's wrong. It is always the owners fault.

not always. my dog was always easily excitable.

despite the fact he's very obedient, he gets hyper. he won't do anything but he'll be panting in place and wanting to run around.

Some dogs can't be trained. It's not the owner's fault; it's the window's fault.

tenfiftynine 12

Not true my dog was trained. My dog went to a class for two years. He is well behaved and only barks and gets excited around other dogs.

manshack 8

Not necessarily. My boyfriend has a pitbull who is very obedient and well behaved, but when it comes to other dogs she instantly wants to go after them just out of curiosity. That has nothing to do with the owners mistake, it's just how dogs are.