By Chey1309 - 29/06/2010 03:19 - United States

Today, I asked my boyfriend if I looked alright for our date. He said, "Honey, you look fine, just don't go out in public like that." FML
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ROFL, all the guys in the comments say she was probably dressing like a tramp. All the girls think the guy is a jerk.

you look like a fool with those buns


you look like a fool with those buns

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haha I love that commercial

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It sounds like a joke to me

you might want to talk to him about that.. that's rude!!!

public is no place for your birthday suit. I should know

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that sucks

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Ooooh BURN! ;)

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it's sounds like a joke. like he thinks op is soo sexy that guys will be all over her if she goes out like that?

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uhm what is op?

op means original poster

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OP- Orgasmic peanuts

smoke weed, have fun, who gives a **** what you look like! ParTY nAKeD

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haha serious use of sarcasm...! duh..! it's like me saying number 6 is cute..! haha jk she is

Every nigguh on FML tries to hit on girls aha

does anyone know what she was wearing?? if my GF wear something way to revealing I would say the same thing.

He probably just wanted to keep you in all to himself. :b Seriously though... don't go out in public like that.

85 I agree she would be my eye candy and more. she can flunt it but not to much.

I guess my iPod wants flunt but I wanted flaunt.

Orgies & Pastrami mmm Yummy! :)

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44 took mine

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Superbad, you and im_banned need to get together.

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Annabanana, I love you sweetheart. :] Also, I agree. I see many similarities in the two.

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oh boy. lol.

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Reezy, I love you too. They fit perfectly together!

Don't listen to these fools, OP is Orgasmic Platypus

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Wrong! OP is Owl's Penetrating =D

FFML_314 11

Hi :/

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Lol you dont recognise me ay? Its Kyle =]

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Uhm... What?!

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OP is Ornamental Penis. We decided that a while back.

it's called joking op ? get a sence of humor

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You have a funny bf, FYL? NO! NOT FYL! The only attempt that my girl ever makes at jokes is when she screws up dinner and says "well I guess we'll get takeout!" then does a weird drumroll at the end to make it sound like a comedy act. Basically it actually makes me leave the house, and almost makes me not go back. EVERY NIGHT.

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Why is that 105? Isn't Im_Banned that guy with the hair that calls everyone dumb but always spells it 'dum'? Superbadd is an asshole, but not like that, more like a fun-sized jerk, if that makes sense?

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Lol, I meant because they are both all over the place on FML. I wasn't being offensive :P

boyfriendWIN. :D what were you wearing? borat's neon man-kini?

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#56 is correct

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lol bf must not know what nice is maybe that's why he is with u o.o

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143 D: your mean

damn judgemental society!!!!!!

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think op should officially be changed to orange panda and he said honey?.... lmao

#1 your grammar is awfully impressive for a cow.

the word "fine" is so misleading, cukkah mukka takka

You sir forgot the part where they guy yells NURSE!

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Sarcasm much? Or maybe he was being serious.. Either way, that sucks.

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yea i agree he was prolly joking

Sun_Kissed18 25

Maybe but what if she was wearing something very low cut? I'm sure my boyfriend wouldn't like me to go in public looking slutty but for a private date he'd be fine haha

yea 147, that's what my thought was. I think the boyfriend thought she looked a little too good and he didn't want other men to look at her.

did you guys have your date in his basement

just remind him, everything can come off and be undone. ;D

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i just moderated this one! lol

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*double high five*

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triple high five!

glider23 0

Down low. Oh, too slow!

ur eyes look like cool/creapy in ur pic lol

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that's not fair! I didn't even get a chanceeee! haha. anddd whos eyes are you talking about?

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Sorry, I'm just too quick! :D

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Booooo!! haha.

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134-Do you not know what that is? I'm the one who posted it, I just changed my name.

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if I knew what it was I wouldn't have said whaatt? Hah.

BassGirl 5

it's when two guys turn a girl into fingercuffs and they highfive over her back.

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ha. ok

Were you dressed like a hooker?

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I am definately sensing sarcasm on this one.

someone can't take a joke

Today, my amazing girlfriend of 2 years asked me how she looked before our date. Sarcasticly, I told her that she looked fine but just not to go out in public. I thought she could take a joke because she already knew I thought she was beautiful. She ran away crying. FML

See what I don't get is that if you were actually the person and you wrote this, it would sound like a ydi, Fml opinions are all based upon how the FML is worded IMO

sounds like he was joking OP