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Today, I asked my boyfriend if I looked alright for our date. He said, "Honey, you look fine, just don't go out in public like that." FML

By Chey1309 / Tuesday 29 June 2010 03:19 / United States
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  Blame_The_Dog  |  0

You have a funny bf, FYL?

NO! NOT FYL! The only attempt that my girl ever makes at jokes is when she screws up dinner and says "well I guess we'll get takeout!" then does a weird drumroll at the end to make it sound like a comedy act. Basically it actually makes me leave the house, and almost makes me not go back. EVERY NIGHT.

  Blame_The_Dog  |  0

Why is that 105?
Isn't Im_Banned that guy with the hair that calls everyone dumb but always spells it 'dum'?
Superbadd is an asshole, but not like that, more like a fun-sized jerk, if that makes sense?

  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

Maybe but what if she was wearing something very low cut? I'm sure my boyfriend wouldn't like me to go in public looking slutty but for a private date he'd be fine haha

  Blazer7990  |  0

Today, my amazing girlfriend of 2 years asked me how she looked before our date. Sarcasticly, I told her that she looked fine but just not to go out in public. I thought she could take a joke because she already knew I thought she was beautiful. She ran away crying. FML

  DamnDatFML  |  0

See what I don't get is that if you were actually the person and you wrote this, it would sound like a ydi, Fml opinions are all based upon how the FML is worded IMO

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