By TheComputerGuy96 - 22/05/2010 07:56 - Italy

Today, I was locked out of my house. After hours of trying to break the door, I found out I accidentally left a window open. The door, however, still needs to be replaced. FML
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wtfudge. wouldn't you automatically look around before busting your own door down?


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OP would be like the dudes in home alone.

Replacing a door can not **** ur life. However u r a genius, just like many forgetful guys here. :)

#10 the reason why it's an fml is because he not Only has to buy the new door buy new locks and change the locks when instead of breaking his own door he could have just gone through the OPEN window

That sucks. Wouldn't you feel so stupid though? :P FML

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If you get locked out your house. 1. check if you have a key. 2. look around if anyone is looking. 3. check the door again (it might be open). 4. check the windows. 5. if windows are lock do it Santa claus style.

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Why is everyone replying to #1? To be on the top? Well, I have one thing to say to those people. You're stupid!

You're the one who broke a door when the window was open...

25 why do you care. it's only a real problem when it goes on for multiple pages and even then it's not a big deal.

are you that black professor from Harvard ? did your white neighbor call the cops on you again ? ever notice that white people love and call the cops for everything Except when they are driving home Drunk !!!

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ohh wow fyl I guess. how much do doors cost?

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wow I always let my window open!!!just in case 

^ Good to know I hope you don't have valuables or anything fragile in your house if you leave it so anyone can get in...

Hahaha me and my best friend had to break into her apartment the other day because we had no key. :)

34: Actually, I know of several cases of white people reporting their own drunk driving while doing it. There's a drunk-dial that'll bite you in the ass!

hahaha fyl op! that was stupid xD but I can still totally doing the same thing.. only I can't break the door... I'll end up hurting myself or do sumtin retarded trying to break it xD

25, it's kind of dumb to reply to the first comment, to bitch about people replying to the first comment. No, you're not making a point. You're just a jackass.

TheComputerGuy96, why are you complaining if you did the same? Hours to break a door? Why not break a window? It would be quicker and cheaper to replace.

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wtfudge. wouldn't you automatically look around before busting your own door down?

yea really, my first response would be to check the windows first!

You are a dumbarse. Why would your first move be breaking down your own door?

Please change your picture, it'll give the children nightmares.

should of checked moron. I can't remember how many times I've gone through windows even though they were closed. good luck with your door :)

Neighbors would shoot u if u break in. Of coz that is another FML story though. xD

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Can you look down your shirt and spell A-T-T-I-C

make a note for 24