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#10 the reason why it's an fml is because he not Only has to buy the new door buy new locks and change the locks when instead of breaking his own door he could have just gone through the OPEN window

  rawrcupcakesz  |  0

If you get locked out your house.
1. check if you have a key.
2. look around if anyone is looking.
3. check the door again (it might be open).
4. check the windows.
5. if windows are lock do it Santa claus style.

  ladiesman14  |  0

are you that black professor from Harvard ? did your white neighbor call the cops on you again ? ever notice that white people love and call the cops for everything Except when they are driving home Drunk !!!

  rustic  |  0

hahaha fyl op! that was stupid xD but I can still totally doing the same thing.. only I can't break the door... I'll end up hurting myself or do sumtin retarded trying to break it xD

  apfunction  |  0

25, it's kind of dumb to reply to the first comment, to bitch about people replying to the first comment.
No, you're not making a point. You're just a jackass.