By a man - 10/04/2011 19:32 - United States

­Today, my dog decided to fly through the front door like Superman. All 180lbs of her promptly slammed sideways into the wall, putting a dog-sized hole in the plaster. FML
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That's actually pretty awesome. Call it design/modern art and pretty soon all your neighbours want to borrow your dog.


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i hope u can fix that plaster


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did anyone else think of the doritos superbowl commercial with the dog in the first sentence?

Yes. I immediately started laughing.

No, I thought of you getting bitch slapped by my dick.

^^^ You're a dirty girl :P

No shit but I still say dirty girl.

Can you say "Animal Shelter"?

time to get a doggy door?

you mean he flew through the door like underdog not superman

My question is, who the fuck has a door made out of plaster?

omg u found Krypto!!!!

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73- that's scrappy doo

105 - I'm guessing you missed the part where the dog slammed into the wall. Unless that was added after your post by the mods, in which case don't mind this post.

lol he says it in the show too silly

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Lol win ^

Autoshot 9

(( ( -.-) o_(")(")

...(/) ..(0.0) ((")(")/). Bunneh? o_O

that dosg bigger than me!!!

You have a cool dog.

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Yeah, sounds like an awesome dog. I'd love to play wrestle a dog that big.

That's actually pretty awesome. Call it design/modern art and pretty soon all your neighbours want to borrow your dog.

Yeah! And before you know it everybody will be throwing puppys through their walls....

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That sucks, get a pet turtle next time.

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I had a turtle once... we let it outside and it ran under our shed and died D:

How can a turtle run...?

Turtles can be pretty fast when they want to be.

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Sounds like a ruff landing..

I don't get it.

kingtz 6

#28, no, I think they're just that stupid.

wait who are we talking about?

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Lol@ the 28 guy above me. I believe you going through that whole explanation would make you the dim one... saying "I don't get it" only implies that this girls " ruff landing" joke was horrid. Although im pretty sure that's how she meant it to be. DieInAFire >:I

ah haha that's silly

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hey #28 ..... I dnt get it...

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Is the dog okay?!

A7X_LoVeee 10


Ha that was the first thing I thought. I hope the dig is okay. If that happened with my dog I would worry about him first, then the wall. Of course my dog is only 65-70 lbs.

damn, the dog weighs only 40 lbs. less than i do. >< |the kid|

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Ur fat

KiddNYC1O 20

20 less than me. His fat what, 82?

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hey random but we have the same birthday lol :) any chance you can tell me or know how to upload a pic onto this from an iPhone ?? :)

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More ---> my account ----> change picture----> Album ----> choose picture. Voila!