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Today, while on my run, I was attacked by my neighbor's new dog. It apparently didn't like me running past their house and broke free from its chain. I now have stitches and was just told that I'm probably being taken to court for the emotional distress I caused her and the dog. FML
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Take pictures of your injury now, in case this goes to court after you've healed. As long as you have a good lawyer, you shouldn't lose. Still, FYL for the hassle and lawyer fees :

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Buy a tiger and let is loose in her house.


then counter sue. theres no fyl here.

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I don't know what happened to the first two... I mean, the first one was stupid, but the second one just said to counter-sue...

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7, it's still the first comment displayed.

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What? That's ****** up. Turn it the other way around.

She shoulda gotten a stick to beat the dog.

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yes have a report done for negligence, their dog put down, and medical bill payed for

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how do you know he is fat#1 that was a dumb remark and so original!!! haha. op also the dog is going to be put down for attacking and tasting human blood just so you know.

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I'm pretty sure they don't put the dog down the first time it bites someone. atleast that's what the nurse told me when I got bit.

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in soviet russia you bite dog

lol so get her dog put down. paybacks a bitch!

69- Your pic is ****** up. Why dont you turn that dog around? Lol.

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what a *****. is she gonna sue cause you didn't give the dog a treat, too?

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Dude, you are one of the biggest asses ive seen on FML. Get a life troll.

Take pictures of your injury now, in case this goes to court after you've healed. As long as you have a good lawyer, you shouldn't lose. Still, FYL for the hassle and lawyer fees :

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Any straight(as in not crooked, for the homophobia paranoids), intelligent judge will rule in OP's favor. OP should also counter-sue since, at least by California law, that calls for some serious monetary compensation and a put-down dog. She's probably threatening to sue to scare you away from suing. You didn't cause emotional distress, the dog did. He attacked you, not the other way around. I hate the idea of dogs being put to sleep, but that dog was obviously raised violently by an imcompetent owner.. Sometimes thee's no choice.

OP it's an easy win even without a lawyer SEE YOU ON JUDGE JUDY

I completely agree with Danny - this is just as case of someone getting aggressive as a bluff. They are facing some serious legal problems for not restraining their dog properly and having a dog that has bitten someone. Never in a million years will they take it further, and if they did, they'd lose SO badly. At a minimum though, I'd at least document the situation in case they're stupid enough to try it. Go see a doctor for a tetanus shot (this should be done anyway), and get a written report. File a police report (although this may result in the dog being put down, depending on where you live.) The most important thing is not to be intimidated by the ranting of stupid, scared people.

agree with these guys. send them a bill or have your insurance go after them for the stitches too.

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If anything OP can sue the dog under his state's dog bite statute. If he didn't provoke the dog he's entitled to recover his expenses. Also, if the dog broke free that's contributory negligence on the dog owners part, no way in hell OP is in any legal danger.

counter sue her bitch ass, in fact sue for as much compensation as you can, love how people in this country sue for the most pathetic reasons, love to see her lose her dog and her retirement money

I agree that it's likely a bluff, but OP could be omitting part of the story here that could make the suit valid (although still stupid). For instance, OP could've been running on what was technically private property, or OP could've reacted in anger with threats or by harming the dog. Again, I'm not saying OP deserves either the bite or the suit, but it may not be as blatantly frivolous as it seems.

OP could also be making the whole thing up, Jane. The 'dog' could have been a terrapin. They could have been breaking into the house instead of 'running past'. It might be their own dog instead of their neighbour's. They could have been lying start to finish, and none of this is real. We can really only work with these stories on face value.

Very funny, 164. But Seriously, Jane is correct. Anyway, assuming this is all real and not a hoax, OP will win about a million, and the neighbor will likely have to put the vicious animal down.

I know it's speculation, Zeb, but some FMLs seem less objective/more skewed in the OP's favor than others. While I realize the sheer stupidity of some people knows no bounds, and thus, the neighbor's reaction was quite possibly as outlandish as it seems, it does seem a bit far-fetched considering the info we're given. Putting forth another possibility in this example is, IMO, not much different than responding to a "Today, I found out nobody likes me" FML with "Maybe there's a valid reason for that."

#167 you are a complete moron. where are you getting $1M?! i hope to god you are a troll. people who are seriously and permanently disfigured and disabled would be lucky to receive half that. OP would get his medical bills paid for, MAYBE. in some states, an animal gets "one free bite" before liability is imposed on the owner to restrain them. in other words, if they've never been violent before, the owner wasn't negligent b/c he didn't have knowledge that the dog could become violent. so OP might not get nothing, or might get a few thousand to cover his bills. that would be it.

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the op shouldn't need a good lawyer there isn't a case it's a ******* dog it can't have emotional distress from someone running by and if the woman who is during does then that shows just what a bunch of weak ass people are in this world now.

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Buy a tiger and let is loose in her house.

Why a Tiger? I would honestly get a billion steroid injected fire-ants and put a bucket of honey over her door. Once she opens the door, let 'em out for dinner. They also make awesome pets.

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And then after the steroid injected ants start to swarm on her. Release steroid injected mice. Don't know how that relates, but it would still teach her.

These ideas are interesting and fun 'n all, but for the sake of practicality and feasibility, why not just shoot her in the face...............with a squirt gun.

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You could make napalm, I'm assuming that acquiring gasoline and a few polystyrene cups is feasible. Well... and a tin to hold it and some tongs so you aren't holding a tin full burning napalm. If that stuff gets on you while it's burning, it's not coming off.

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I wasn't aware that I gave any of you permission to reply to me and try to steal my thunder. My idea was perfect and y'all ruined it! *Runs away crying*

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Don't run! I need to feast on the tears! *Tin of burning napalm ******* hell.

hahaha.. #8 totally has the right idea!

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I'm upset, because I've been patiently waiting for someone to point out the obvious mistake in my post! Tsk Tsk! Such a golden opportunity.

Is 8s mistake that Tigers are endangered?

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She said "let is loose" not let it loose!!!! I got it :D

Sorry Anna. My prolonged state of hysterical laughter at being called a "malicious thundercunt" put me behind on the rest of my commenting; otherwise, I would've been happy to correct you promptly. It's TheBestManEver's fault.

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That is hilarious! I was called a Vicious Thundercunt the other day! Air high five for being awesome!

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160, I envy you and the awesome e-life you have here at FML...

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Wow.. That is messed up. They really don't have any reason to take you to court. It's not like you tried to break into her house. Some people are just dumb. Hope it turns out ok for you.

that what you get for living in the states lol ppl think they can take u to court for anything... your country is full of arrogant ppl!

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You're right kalm. Go Canada!

Yes, because we're all the same -.- those are just wimps/people wanting to live off a flawed system. Need I remind you of the "celebrity" you forced on us XD

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Check your local laws because I think whenever a dog attacks/bites a human they are required by law to be put down (I didn't feel like looking it up though, so I could be totally wrong), but you can definitely counter-sue her. Make her pay for your medical bills, and tack on some for emotional distress, juries love that. Either way, FYL for getting attacked by a dog.

You're right but not in all states; there could just be fines, restrictions, court orders, ect., but hopefully the dog won't have to be put down which I'm sure op doesn't want. She doesn't have any legal right to sue but op, you do... at least for your medical expenses and contrary to what someone said earlier, if you do file suit and win, they're required to pay your legal fees. Best of luck and I recommend trying to get some compensation for your expenses.

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it's actaully after a 3rd attack I believe. in any case. take photographic evidence and sue her.

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in Florida, if a dog bites u and it's reported the dog will be put down. it's individual states. fyl for being bit thats terrible

Not always. I live in FL and used to work for a Humane society. Repeat offenders are, but first timers aren't always unless the owner requests it or it is deemed too dangerous. That having been said, if a dog broke off the chain to attack someone, it probably would be deemed a dangerous dog and be euthanized. But I never worked on the legal side of it, so it's probably not my call.

Yea, cause the way it is here the dog ends up dying no matter what because of how they check for rabies.

she is ******* psychotic if she thinks that is possible... crazy crazy bitch!