By pheebs314 - 07/11/2012 21:16 - United States - Port Orchard

Today, I was told that my insurance will no longer cover my birth control as it's deemed "unnecessary" for a man, which, according to them, I've been since August. I'm definitely still a woman. FML
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pheebs314 tells us more.

to 18- I'm the op... I didn't realize I hadn't been signed in when I posted. Basically, I have had the for years and been using it for the same birth control for at least 5. I'm not sure what happened... Some clerical error I guess. I had it figured out but it was definitely weird.

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It's those fucking jeans! Jeans always make you look like you have a boner. Even if you're female.

Well that's fucking dumb of your insurance.


Well that's fucking dumb of your insurance.

Like a bad neighbor, they aren't there! And they're not on your side!

^Oh no, a bad neighbor is always there.

AND YOUR WIFE! Or in her case her boyfriend or husband.

It's okay, OP... The FML Community knows you're a woman... I think....

And how is that any consolation!?..

The FML committee also knows you're an asshole.

I feel as if 3 is a moment away from, making a comment, requesting a picture for proof that the OP is a female. Creepers status there!

How would they have the record of you being a man? Don't they check doctors visits?

They do check doctor's visits. And they're going to need you to reimburse them for that gynecology visit last month.

Well, you can prove you are a woman, but I think only the male nurses would appreciate the gesture.

I don't think there are any male nurses at this particular doctor's office. There are like 2 male docs but everyone that works there otherwise is a woman. It's kind of nice.

Or are you...

Why is this thumbed down? There's no gender identification symbol, it's a funny and accurate thing to ask.

Fine take my spot for first comment

definitely get it straightened out. bunch of idiots

Medical identity theft? By a really confused thief?

It's those fucking jeans! Jeans always make you look like you have a boner. Even if you're female.

Skinny jeans?? *shudders*

call your company and have them figure it out. there's no reason for you to continue unprotected.