By Mr.P - 21/10/2011 15:35 - United States

Today, I was just about to sit down to watch my favorite TV show when my dog jumped over the back of my couch, landed on my head and tried to jump through the window. I now have concussion and a window to replace, all because of a bird. FML
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dan13mey 0 the dog ok?

Well having a pet means you have a package of fortunate and unfortunate events .


sounds like a dorritos commercial

dan13mey 0 the dog ok?

hannahcorrine 0

And what happened to the bird?

Don't forget the window.

Oh and of course OP, but who cares?

Are YOU okay?

bitchslapped22 14

What TV show?

MagicGiraffe 12

I'm pretty sure the dog didn't TRY to jump through the window, sounds like he DID jump through it considering it needs to be replaced.

BackInMyDay 0

your dog was just trying to jump over the moon.

boringday123 7

That's what i worried about D: Is the dog fine?

cyns0_oaSailor 0

So how was your favorite tv show?

jbunch2514 0

And did the dog scratch the sofa?

jake1632 9

#2.. thaaaats whatshesaid. ya i fucking went there

Don't forget the medical bills and the window replacement, how's your wallet?

you have a concussion to replace? awkward.

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Is a concussion okay to you ?! If so , then yes .

139 - it's not.

Presumably the dog is, or that would be the fml

Ydi for not training your dog.

Well having a pet means you have a package of fortunate and unfortunate events .

nater535 7

"Warning: having a pet includes minor chances of concussions, broken windows, and you will be held responsible for taking care it all." Lol :)

Hahahahahaha #15 your so funny...................................NOT -_-

24- you're... Now have a nice day

OP, Maybe it's a sign from god telling you to get off your fat ass for once

OP, maybe it's a sign from god telling you to get off your butt for once.

I'm sure people have gone through a lot more because of a bird ;)

Care to elaborate?

Bird, it's Like an old London term for Woman ya know?? It's a thing we all say... By we I mean family and friends.

Ah, assuming you live in the UK that makes a lot more sense. Americans wouldn't typically get that play on words. This makes your comment comical now. You deserve a thumbs up ^_^

Hahaha, Oh Gosh I Think Everyone Uses It, Not Just Us British!! I'm so idiotic about different cultures sometimes!! But Thanks!

You're probably right. I think other cultures use that term as well it just isn't very popular in America. Hence my confusion. I've heard the term before but didn't associate it in that way until you brought it up.

marpay 11

Do you call boys bees? If so I might understand the birds and the bees talk.

In my town, we call people who are extremely loud and obnoxious "birds".

In my town, we call people who are extremely loud and obnoxious "birds".

ibedestinie 0

i live..... pie

Here in Aus, the term bird is often used in reference to a woman, usually a good looking one.

126- not really...

126, not really, it's right up there with sheilla with slang from the 50s...

friedpwnadge 25

Oh well the bird, bird, birdbird's the word I said the bird, bird, birdbird's the word I said the bird bird bird bird bird is the word...

flockz 19

troll bird knows how to troll.

KiKiomggg 1

Ur profile picture made ur comment x2 better

I want to be in Your top fml commenters list flockz.

You are on my favorites list


MaskingTape 2

Bacon Dave, I've been to your KFC; but alas, it is too much of a commute for me to be a regular.

RebekahBrooke 9

At least.... well, okay, there's no silver lining. sorry!

Good catch, 23 ;-)

Atleast OP is still alive.

flockz 19

at least im still alive.

perdix 29

There is a silver lining, but you have to look real hard for it. In all the commotion, he probably missed his favorite show, so when it comes on as a rerun in a few weeks, it will be brand new to him!

Ikickmidgets 11

newspaper, shock collar and cage.

DeadxManxWalking 27

No. Not the way to train a dog. Besides all dogs chase things.

Shock collars are inhumane.

Love, proper training, obedience.

I've had many dogs and nothing stops a rowdy dog like a few volts ;)

Why don't I put a shock collar on your bitch made self

63 - i hate people who treat animals like that. and then say 'well its just an animal'. it may be an animal but it still has feelings and can feel pain. what if someone put a collar around your neck and shocked you everytime you were bad ?

Stonedmanalex 0

With all the atoms and molecules we are the same as dogs, without technology whos to say where we would of ended up

You sir, are a fucking douche bag. You should be put in a cage with news paper and a shock collar

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omfg_creepers 8

Just forget about it and hope it goes away.

You need immediate medical atrention if you have a concussion, you sound stupid...

JinxosGirl87 0

If you think concussions just go away, then your stupidity has been explained

Haha that sucks!

holy crap dude hows the dog? he smashed his face through glass there must have been blood.