By animalover - 13/08/2009 16:49 - United States

Today, I swerved to avoid hitting a dog that ran in front of my car. The dog was fine but I hit a road sign, ripped off my rearview mirror, and cracked my passenger side window. When I got out to examine the damage to my car, the dog growled at me. FML
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You're a good person. At least it's summer. It would suck to have a cracked window in winter.


At least he didn't bite the shit out of you...


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maybe he growled at you cause you almost hit him

YDI for coming anywhere close to a dog in your car.


At least he didn't bite the shit out of you...

You're a good person. At least it's summer. It would suck to have a cracked window in winter.

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Not in Georgia. But I agree, you did the right thing OP. However, I don't know why you expected a dog to be grateful.

I live in southern Tennessee, 5 minutes from Georgia. I wouldn't want a broken window in winter. Just me.

Well I don't think (s)he meant (s)he thought it'd be grateful, just that on top of all (s)he went through for the dog to NOT die, it turns out it's aggressive. Not a bad thing, but certainly ... "ironic" I guess would be the term.

Lmao, well I live in San Francisco, CA. The summer's are actually colder than the winters! Either way, it would just suck to have a cracked window on a foggy day.

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I agree, I mean, I'm an hour north of georgia state line, wouldn't want a cracked window in winter either. It would depend where in GA the dude is, cause if my geography knowledge is halfway accurate, the mountains don't stop at the state line.

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I live in Houston, Texas yup I'm a Texas girl =)

No, you're not a great person for swerving in the middle of the road, you're stupid! What if you had kids in the car? What if there weee people on the sidewalk? What if there was someone coming at you that you swerved into? You're a horribly stupid person for swerving. You don't do it (regardless if you "look" first) because then it becomes habit and you could kill somebody next time. ******* idiot

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Well is your car or an innocent form of life more important?

How the hell is it innocent? Instead of being grateful by running away (dogs are not stupid. They know what happens when a big 'animal' like a car charges them), it decided to act angry.

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What sucks though, is that according to the law, apparently your car is more important. If you swerve out of the way of an animal that small, the government blames it on you. Btw #46, it's the fight or flight instinct. Dogs try to fight the car. Cats run away, "flight."

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It's not the car that's more important, it's because swerving is more likely to cause a more serious accident, especially if you swerve into another vehicle. It's nothing to do with the car itself.

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Woman driver's need to learn how to drive


And you need proper grammar.(:

you should have kicked it right in the small intestine, so that it threw up it's breakfast, and than you could say "Ha &*tch, growl at me... you don't get to keep your breakfast, take that, punkhead pain and no food."

What the **** is wrong with you, you ******* psychopath?!

Is this not why they teach emergency braking/stopping? Swerving usually ends badly because you're throwing your car out of control!

You should have marked your territory, piss on the dog and then your car so it doesn't follow you.