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Today, like every day since my wife was prescribed antibiotics for an infection, I had to hide one of the pills inside her food, because she'd apparently rather fall seriously ill than swallow them like an adult. FML
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You would think with all our technology they would make all pills in gummy form by now. Problem solved

Well, I hope she isn't taking them at a different time and overdosing. If not, that's kind of childish (if she dislikes swallowing pills) unless she doesn't believe in medicine and whatnot.


Well, I hope she isn't taking them at a different time and overdosing. If not, that's kind of childish (if she dislikes swallowing pills) unless she doesn't believe in medicine and whatnot.

She should be greatful that they aren't suppositories and take the feckin things!

OP just needs to teach her how to swallow.

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37, somehow your profile picture makes your comment that much more humorous.

When someone comments on someone's profile pic, I always have to take a closer look since I can't see it with my phone. Ah, technology.

Well she should see a doctor about alternative medications

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What the hell are you talking about #36

Correction: Another awesome user. Keeps you laughing for days.

no one ever remembers my user name like they do docbastards... I wish I'd chosen something simpler

Yea 12345678910111213 would have been a little easier for us all to remember

thatonegirlnic 10

You would think with all our technology they would make all pills in gummy form by now. Problem solved

I've always wondered why adults can't have a better option. I want gummy bear flavor antibiotics for my strep throat damn it.

How about everyone stop being little bitches and just deal with it. It's either take the damn pill and deal with a little pain or suffer and be sick for a week or more.

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I actually cannot swallow pills (crazy, I know), so Im just thanking my immune system Im not falling dreadfully ill and the only cure is a pill. Even when I've had to take pills (flu! Swine flu a few years before... Ugh..) I crushed them up and mixed it with pudding. The powder tastes vile, and I want to spit it out, but it's better than having it melt slowly in my mouth. Anyway, the point is OP's wife could just hate pills, which is stupid, or she can't swallow them very well. Even then, there are ways to take a pill without directly swallowing the capsule, so there aren't any exuses.

They do make gummy vitamins for adults! I take my vitamin D supplement in gummy form.

You can definitely swallow pills unless you have an abnormally small throat or you have a medical problem. When I was younger I couldn't swallow pills at all even small ones. You just to have to keep trying and force yourself . I can know swallow pills without water now.

32, there are several medications that cannot be crushed without seriously adverse reactions. Check with your pharmacist before you do anything like that. Most of the time it's on the label but I would double check with a pharmacist.

#32 I'm the same way except I don't even like taking medicine if I don't need it 100% I have never taken any sort of pain meds partially cause I can swallow it and partly because I don't like it

*high five* We're just too cool to swallow pills :) Really though, I've tried every trick in the book with no avail. Small esophagus, screwed up tonsils and high gag reflex. *shrugs* It is what it is. I just learn the science behind the medication, consult a pharmacist when need be and chew, break things apart that I can. Man, some pills taste nasty, but you suck it up.

41 is right on! I was looking into one the other day that, if the entric coating dissolves too soon and the medication (which is supposed to begin dispursing just past the stomach) enters into a highly acidic environment, hydrolysis occurs and essentially a compound develops that is equivalent to an insecticide. Precious, huh? Soooo be careful and knowledgeable and always consult a pharmacist :)

wellthen7154 12

Not to worry! I always check to be sure. The only pills Ive ever had to take were either not a capsule or completely safe to open. I don't get sick very often at all, so I hardly need pills. I have a very reflexive gag reflex as well as a weird sub-conscious movement I do with my tongue that swishes the pill to the side. Every liquid, yogurt, and trick in the book would not get the pill to go down, and once I almost chocked on it from coughing it up. (I once waited TOO long and the coating melted to pour that DELECTABLE powder on my tongue... -.-") anyway, I always check the pills, but I can't seem to ever swallow them.. *tear*

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Haha I love gummies! They have adult vitamins as gummies now, but they really should make medicine less of a hassle to take. Any medicine that is anally delivered, I feel is just a cruel joke by pharmacists.

To many kids will eat them thinking ummm candy. We've l looked into it but risk is to high. you can get most pills liquid form now.

I despise taking pills as well. I manage to down a multivitamin most mornings because it's a fairly small caplet, but big huge pills? Forget about it. And I avoid taking antibiotics as much as possible because the side effects are killer. I had to take some a few months ago after a tooth extraction and ended up with a rash.

Yeah be careful with crushing or breaking the pill before you ingest it. when i was 13 and had surgery, i had oxycotin and i would break it in half because it was way too big for me. the nurses knew about it but didnt say anything to me or my mom. turns out, my severe asthma attacks after every pill was because the medicine was released too early and was damaging my respiratory system. it took forever, but i eventually learned how to take pills by 15 because all of the medicine i had to take. now i can take 3 at once! >:)

At least you're a good husband by making her take them

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that's what my fiance does with my prenatals since they make me throw up, except he puts it in my drink.

Till death do you part. Or something like that.

**** it let her get sick until she decides to grow up!

I agree. I mean, she's the only the women you love, let her get sick. Absolutely nothing is terrible about that.... other than everything of course.

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@ 27 living up to your name... I love a bowl of sass in the morning

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It's not a matter of growing up. It's actually frequent to have an anxiety of taking pills. I actually have it myself, I can only swallow pills that are smaller than a dime.

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57, I don't think it's a really good idea to have your phone number in your profile. In fact it's probably a very bad idea. But you do whatever you wanna do.

Did you make her sit and roll over too?

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You sir are a great husband. And your wife could be against medicine even if it is to help her. So I would keep taking care of her until she takes care of herself, unless you can convince her or bribe her lol

hey ,dude, maybe the pills are too bitter to swallow

I'd rather swallow a nasty tasting pill than getting sick. And if it's that bitter, wouldn't that mean she would taste it when she is eating her food, anyway?

If you take them with juice they're not that bad. She does just need to grow up though. That's just ridiculous that she won't take it. Get her a pill cutter if it's because it's to big of a pill.

If the pill is sitting in your mouth long enough for you to taste it, you aren't doing it right.

Agreed.. I usually drink a small amount of water and drop the pill in before swallowing to avoid any nasty taste. Then again, I've never had a problem swallowing pills like some other commenters I've seen so far. :( Although it does sound more like OP's wife is just being a prissy pants about it.

Well, the good thing is, she doesn't do drugs!