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Today, I found myself locked out of my house. I had to squeeze myself through a tiny window around the back. While hanging upside down, my hood fell over my head. My dog ran through to investigate the noise and ravaged me thinking I was a burglar. I then fell and broke my wrist. FML
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  __no_one__  |  0

If you hide a spare key outside, some insurances might not pay if your house is indeed broken into. They don't either if you have a window open or half-open, though...

I feel your pain though. I had to do the same, just that I had to squeeze through my tilted kitchen window, and I had to remove the stuff behind the window first so I could crawl through. Not fun. My dog didn't complain given she probably knew my smell, but I was always scared a driver-by would call the cops on me or so, haha. [Granted I did have photo ID with me to prove I lived there]

  LatinoHeat  |  0

Maybe you should worry about contributing to the topic instead of what Clay Aiken is doing. For example, if Clay Aiken was that dog's owner, that dog would never have attacked, for fear of being roundhoused.

To the OP: This actually does sounds like a FML. May I suggest a nice bottle of wine and a Clay Aiken CD while you are healing up?

  krnmafia92  |  0

@#16. I'm no grammar nazi, but you have got to admit that your comment is pretty fail. "dog's use a sense of smell. not site. BS."

#27 WIN

A dog's sense of smell takes precedence over its sight, given that a dog has relatively poor vision and an excellent nose. Well, that is, unless you made your dog snort cocaine. Jews used to give coke-laced tissues to German dogs which would destroy the dog's sense of smell. So YDI for lying or giving coke to your dog.

  St0rm11  |  0

Yes they do, for reflex. A dog will attack on instinct for an unusual site, too excited to stop and smell. My dog's have barked at me when i had a hood on, stopped when I took it off.

By  Ace118  |  0

Your dog definitely wouldn't hurt you unless you have specifically trained it to attack anyone climbing through your house's windows regardless of who they are.