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By anonymous - 26/05/2013 12:23 - Australia

Today, I was in bed with my fiancé. After a while of quiet cuddling, I said, "Babe, I have cold feet." He replied with, "Me too. Let's call off the wedding." I was talking about the actual temperature of my feet. Our wedding is tomorrow. FML
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bybib 20

Hopefully something a good talk will fix. good luck op

rg350dx 29

It appears people are giving your comment the cold shoulder.


bybib 20

Hopefully something a good talk will fix. good luck op

Or better yet, next time wear socks.

bybib 20

That would remedy the icicle feet but might now work so well the next day when the groom doesn't show.

you know that superstition about not seeing your spouse-to-be shortly before your wedding? I guess perhaps that was a pretty smart idea.....

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bybib 20

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Depends on what she meant. "My feet are cold" refers to her lower extremities at only that moment. If she was making a random observation, whether or not it included right that second, "I have cold feet" makes a lot of sense. To be honest, I use the latter when I'm trying to mooch body heat off of people for my hands. Like, "Oh, it's just a fact of life that I have perpetually freezing fingers, you should probably do something about them." :3

It really depends on where you are. Though I don't know if they say that frequently in Australia.

blackman100 20


In bed I usually just put my feet by his legs and give him a "please let me keep my feet on you cause I'm cold" look. Most of the time it doesn't work...

I mean, its a ******* sentence, you can say whatever you want. Are you guys actually going to put YDI just because she didn't form the sentence the 'normal way'?

Anyway she said it would've sounded like she was nervous about the wedding. I mean, in dead thoughtful silence the night before her wedding she says "I have cold feet" you'd be crazy to not assume she meant she was worried.

Well it was maybe not the best way to put it - but surely it is better to find out now that the fiance is getting cold feet?

bamagrl410 31

I would've said "my feet are cold" because saying "I have cold feet" for any reason that close to a wedding is a terrible idea. I'm guessing they don't communicate very well if she didn't realize this until the night before the wedding though.

cmoney408 6

you probably phrased it like that because deep down you did have cold feet about the wedding... didnt you?

Well, I have cold hands.

rg350dx 29

It appears people are giving your comment the cold shoulder.

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hannahsnyder69 16

At least now you can have a talk about it. It was kind of inevitable.

SelenaMilkshake 17

It wasn't going to come up until she made that comment. Her fiancé was obviously keeping the fact hidden since this happened the night before their wedding. It most likely wouldn't have been said. I do agree that it is a good thing though because they can evaluate their relationship with interests for both partners.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

I agree with Hannah. If the guy was doubting the marriage in the first place, then getting actually married wouldn't help the issue. Divorces are common for a reason. It was good it got out in the open before the "I do's".

LastJuan 6

Well I suggest some talking done before the big day. Best of luck

You kinda walked into that one.

Pun intended? ;)

That must be why her feet were cold, she was running around barefoot!

I think you dodged a bullet OP considering how quick he was to call it off. Didn't even discuss it or anything...

As much as that sucks, it's a good thing you've realised this now rather than ending up with a failed marriage.

Well hopefully you've been able to talk this through and had a lovely wedding. #2 Who cares how she said it? I think she is better off knowing her fiance has got second thoughts.

Incase you didn't know there is a reply button.

in case you didnt know, it would be annoying to post the same comment to evert post that stated YDI for her sentance structure. Not to mention, this comment works perfectly well as a stand-alone.

Well, now your feet have company! Always a bright side, man.