By gas money - 22/11/2015 04:34 - United States - Reno

Today, I found $100 on the ground. My mom is taking $40 because she was there. FML
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And that kids is how taxes work.

hey thats 60 more bucks than I have.


jacksonpm23 13

Is your mom's name Bernie Sanders?

thexDoubleCx 10

Hahahaha all these butthurt Bernie fans disliking it.

He would have taken $90

you win at life number one this had me rolling

Lol @people who bitch about taxes.

Holy shit, this got a lot of hate.

It's all the people with Bernie fever

Lol all the people down voting are the ones who think they're entitled to everything free.

I'm downvoting all of these replies because FML isn't the place for politics.

thefirstwhiteboy 17

I don't think that's how the world works

Sure it is. Ever heard of taxes?

yeah but 51. she didn't give him anything back which is usually what happens with taxes

#74, no, not really. Some people do get money back, but a lot of people end up owing the government more. It all depends on your tax bracket, money paid in, and things you can claim.

Imhere4fml 24

#74, She gave OP life

"got that gas money though?"

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She didn't find it, so why could she have taken it?

KrazyKatz3 26

It wasn't OP's money either.

Because she's OP's mother

that's pretty half empty of you

Especially if she has size advantage. That's MY bike punk!

Uhh no adults cannot steal money their kids own

im pretty sure parents can legally take their childs money if the child is a minor

leogachi 15

@110 I think that only applies if they share a bank account, but in this case I don't think Op should be complaining because she still gets $60 that someone else is missing.

@ #14 Its so Because she was there with him!

hey thats 60 more bucks than I have.

But 40 bucks less than he could have had.

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Yeah, cause if you ask anyone on the street they are gonna say "no that's not my 100." It's never getting back to the owner unless the owner was right in front of them when he dropped it.

How exactly do you suggest they do that? Knock on nearby doors and ask if people lost $100? 9 out of 10 people are going to say they did. If it were in a wallet then yeah that would be different, and OP would be a douchebag. But the FML makes it sound like it was just lying out in the open.

People always want to comment to return money to the rightful owner, but how many of those people would ACTUALLY attempt that and not just keep it? And, like the people above me said, it's going to be nearly impossible to return it to the right owner.

In the UK you're supposed to turn it in to the local post office and if no one claims it within a week the post office give it back to you.

I wouldn't trust the post office with the money more than some stranger on the street.

Well, instead of spending on themselves they can give the money in charity.

I would 100% hand it in to the police like you're supposed to. I'm in dire financial straights, but the person who lost it could be too.

And hopefully the random person who claims it will be in just as dire straights as both of you.

When I was a kid I found $32 laying out in middle of a university campus. I dragged my dad along to people and we asked them if they'd lost money. We were lucky we found the guy but we made him tell us the dollar amount.

And that kids is how taxes work.

beat me to it

olpally 32

Hell no bitch!! Fuck that!

calm down dude.

mds9986 24

Do you want to get slapped by your mother? Because that's how you get slapped by your mother.

lunaforever21 14

some just dont care

Your mum must have been teaching u about the tax system.

I see no problem in this. You have money you didn't have before! Damn greed.

Serves you right for not handing it in to the authorities like a responsible citizen.

For $100? Maybe for $500+.

Would you have done that? I know I wouldn't, since I'm too sceptical to believe the money would end up at the person it belonged to. Depends on the amount though.

yeah and if you didn't see the owner dropping the money, how would the "authorities" found out the owner? Open an investigation and go through all the legal hassle to identify the owner? Or just tell you what you need to hear and pocket the $100 themselves? There's a difference between being a good citizen and a puppet.

Yes I would want to check if someone had reported it missing, or if it was counterfeit. I'm pretty sure you are allowed to keep it if you hand it in and no-one claims it. I'm not desperate for money, I'd rather make sure someone isn't going without it if I could take reasonable steps to return it.

I better add I meant my comment jokingly, I don't think it's bad to keep the money even if it's not something I'd necessarily do.

It's one thing saying that if it was in a wallet, but just for $100 lying on the ground? Come on.

KrazyKatz3 26

Exactly... If I had lost 100 on the street and someone had found it and spent it I would not be happy. That has happened to me before but I think it was stolen. If I found anything above 5 on the ground I would turn it in or at least give it to charity...