By exfiancee - United States - Summerville
Today, my fiancé told me that he was having second thoughts on our engagement. Instead of just calling it off, he took me to a fancy restaurant and took a public poll on whether we should get married. The majority said no. FML
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  folfg0  |  12

Why would you marry someone who asks random people who don't know you from Adam, if you should get married?? Good thing you/he/she called it off.


Actually, this is wonderful. No sarcasm I mean it.

I mean she was just about to marry that guy, who from that little gesture displayed an inability to make and stick through tough life decisions, a sick apathy towards the emotions of others and alarming streak of selfishness.

You really dogged a bullet OP.

  starsfan_9  |  7

I likely would've been part of the majority no since any guy who takes a poll in a restaurant about getting married clearly is not mature enough to get married

  ImmaB3AST  |  7

Well, I'm going to assume that if the fiancé was that unsure about a marriage to where they go to a restaurant to prove that the marriage isn't right, then they clearly aren't going to work out.