By Guntherdog - 27/06/2013 15:17 - United States

Today, my fiancée decided to go on a "vacation." Our wedding is tomorrow. FML
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Damian95 16

I don't mean to sound rude but who takes a one day vacation right before a wedding? Answer: Someone who isn't coming back for the wedding.

ltaper11 20

Runaway bride 2.0


meggieeee92 15

Is he coming back for the wedding?

Damian95 16

I don't mean to sound rude but who takes a one day vacation right before a wedding? Answer: Someone who isn't coming back for the wedding.

Is says fiancée. The double e means it's a girl. And I'm guessing she's not coming back.

Call him up and start singing to him. "Baby come back! Any kind of fool could see, there was something in everything about you. Baby come back! You can blame it all on me. I was wrong, and I just can't live without you" That'll get him.

Great song 45. one thing. OP is a guy. his fiancée (note the double e) is a girl. I was just educated on it too :-)

OP should call the lady and politely ask her what she is planning. If she isn't ready then the wedding can be moved. On the other hand...I'm guessing, because of tradition(assuming), that the runaway bride's parents paid for the wedding and won't be too pleased with her.Again, I'm ASSUMING that they're following traditional wedding blueprints.

What I think is great is that any comment that says "he" in it immediately gets bombed with down votes.

AHappyGoth 14

Sounds like your foot should take a vacation up her ass.

I like how people automatically assume the guy is the one who screwed up. Lol, subtle misandry at its finest.

lizmurray 11

yeah he's coming back he just wanted to get a quick tan.

ltaper11 20

Runaway bride 2.0

that's awful OP. here's to hoping he has a change of heart, man's up, and marries you like he asked/said he would. otherwise, chin up - he wasn't the one :-)

@25 It always amuses me how people just assume that the villain of a story is a guy, even when the evidence right in front of their eyes states otherwise. Fiancée is feminine.

tried to edit it to 'she'. same comment applies for her. no sexism here sir. thanks for educating me :-)

@31 Fair enough. Please disregard my comment then.

31 - Not to get technical, but you said "man's up". That usually wouldn't apply to a woman. (Someone had to say it!)

85. the editing would have reflected a change in that sentence too. do grow up.

Someone has cold feet.

Wizardo 33

Well you won't be seeing him again... but that's just sad, he should've talked with you about the wedding at least, my condolences OP.

She* Also, you can't say that OP isn't going to see her ever again. She may have gone for a relaxing day trip to calm herself, and will go through with the wedding.

Wizardo 33

True, that is a possibility, but so close to the wedding? It does garner some worry to be frank.

It does raise some concerns, but he wouldn't just jump to the conclusion she's running and should as you suggested talk to her about it. Maybe she really is just stressed and nervous and taking a day trip or maybe she's just not ready, op will not learn her motives without speaking to her on it.

Vacation or bachelorette party? Like the movies, she might make it back in the nick of time!

perdix 29

#5, I'll bet you were trying to say: Vacation, all I ever wanted Vacation, had to get away Vacation, meant to be spent alone.

"#40" Speaking of Go-Go songs, I found out the lyrics are "Our lips are sealed". Which makes more sense than "Island of Seals". :P And-- "Guardian Angels for you and I". Is really "Quiet, angel Forget their lies"

perdix 29

#51, wait, it's not "Guardian angel?" Really? I've been wrong all these years! Maybe my hearing sucks, but I least I can sense the rains down in Africa.

therealafroninga 10

I saw the rains down in Africa!!!

Time to go find him/her and have a heart to heart talk about what's wrong. Hopefully he/she is just nervous! Good luck OP!

monnanon 13

fiancee is the fem version of fiance. the french language is pretty clear cut on gender :)

Well at least now you won't have to make the biggest mistake of your life, chalk it up as a good thing it clearly wasn't meant to be.

Oh that sucks. Marty his dad instead and see his reaction when you come back.

Martyring his dad won't accomplish anything. Stop the violence already.

well, considering op is a male...

61- we don't know that

Llama_Face89 33

72- yes we do. There's a double e in fiancée. Means its referring to a woman.

Go home simplyblades, you're drunk!

But they could be a lesbian? I don't think that, I think it's male but I'm just here to throw a spanner in the works!! :)

Gay marriages are legal in some states. I'm just saying we can't be sure it's a male. Sorry if I sounded rude

Yes, but op could also be female. Just because they are marrying a female doesn't mean they can't also be female themselves

It's not like he said the wedding is off, go with him maybe he wants to see how far you'll follow him. Sounds like a test of loyalty.

And the dumbest comment award goes to.....#10

I don't know number 8 was pretty dumb too. Personally though I don't think your partner should be "testing" your loyalty the day before the wedding. Also on a side note if you take someone running away on vacation as an invitation to follow them, because clearly it's a test you sound a bit crazy to me.

CammyGal 26

Ouch :( Best of luck to you, OP. Hopefully you'll find someone who deserves you.