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By gooddeedgonebad - 26/05/2013 09:19 - Australia - Upper Swan

Today, I helped an elderly woman carry her suitcase down a flight of stairs. When I got to the bottom, a man tackled me to the ground thinking I was stealing the woman's luggage. As I lay in pain, he ran up the stairs to return the suitcase and the poor woman had to carry it down on her own. FML
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Don't even attempt to help her cross the road then. You may not live through the experience.

No good deed goes unpunished..


Don't even attempt to help her cross the road then. You may not live through the experience.


Well, I feel bad for the woman, but it was good exercise for you and the man that tackled you! FYL indeed

No good deed goes unpunished..

Damn you. Great minds huh?

Thats why I don't do good deeds.

#64, your profile picture is awesome :)

Kc1001 14

'Tis true. I am one of the best and nicest workers in to program that I work in and now I have a shoulder injury that will never heal. nor stop hurting.

No good deed goes unpunished.

There must be a glitch in the matrix because I'm having dé ja vu.

hahaha me too. and I'm surprised the second one hasn't been buried.

Probably because its a good comment and people can see they were both posted at the same time.

56, that makes two of us. :)

Wonder how many "no good deed goes unpunished" comments we're going to get here.

There's two just before you.

chowE_fml 4

No Good Samaritan goes un-tackled.

No good Pleonasm thread goes un-pun-ished.

Lawlsacopter 6

No good deed goes unfurnished

No good feed goes unfed.

hey. at least you tried. now get back up... and help another little old lady! if you fail three times tho... just stop trying. good luck OP:)

Sounds like you were in the wrong place at the wrong time OP. FYL

RocketNinjaFish 12

At least he had good intentions, OP. It was just a misunderstanding. You did the right thing, that's all that matters :)

Yeah...but why would he carry it back up to the old lady so she could carry it down herself again? What?

OP: I'm going to help her! Man: No, I am! Old Lady: I just want to reach the sidewalk *cries* Man: Now look what you've done. OP: DIE, Good Samaritan! *tosses him down the stairs* I want to see this happen.

It makes me wonder when we have gotten to the point that good intentions are so far and in-between that we don't even trust people that could be doing them.

I know. it's sad but I wouldn't let someone else carry my luggage. I'm not a little old lady, but still.

jem970 19

Yeah it's like that banking commercial where they have 50,000 dollars in a suit case and give it to a complete stranger for them to watch while they run and do something. I'm like there is no way! I don't even trust someone to hold my water let alone anything important.