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Today, at our wedding, instead of saying "I do", my fiancé paused before saying, "I can't do this", stepped down from the altar and proposed to my maid of honor. When she obviously refused, he ran from the venue bawling. He's not returning my calls. FML
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I'm sorry op, that's awful. At least you found out before you were married. Wishing you the best!

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Wow, that's insane, Op. Really sorry about your wedding. I hope things get better for you.


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@37 she said no but you don't randomly propose to someone, maybe there was something going on prior, and she just said no to avoid the embarrassment/awkwardness, or they were just fooling around?

59, I don't necessarily think there had to be anything going on beforehand. He might have just done it as a way to relieve or at least change whatever pressure he was putting on himself.

I agree with #59. Actually in reality I think they were having an affair and that's why he tried to propose to her, nobody takes that big of a step with someone for no reason. She might have been backstabbing. Either way though **** ops life.

#59, You don't have to actually be with someone to fall in love. It's possible he had a thing for her and she never reciprocated his feelings.

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here here! nothing says that he couldn't have tried to keep being with her, and she kept refusing the man. Or that he couldn't have secretly developed feelings for her and hidden them away for a long time. Either way, I feel bad for the OP. At least you got your friend, OP!

@59 Its also possible him and the maid of honor had something before he was with OP and never got over her. Hope there is a follow-up on this one.

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Wow, that's insane, Op. Really sorry about your wedding. I hope things get better for you.

I feel bad but...what was she calling to say? I mean he dumped you AND tried to move on in the same instant on their wedding day: what else is there to be said?

"I want my stuff back" "I'm keeping the wedding presents" "this wedding cost money, you owe me half"

slutfactory 17

Or maybe to just casually follow up with a, "what the actual **** dude." I mean, I would.

I'm sorry op, that's awful. At least you found out before you were married. Wishing you the best!

Too bad it wasn't before spending money on the wedding, though.

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He asked the maid of honor to marry him. That's a pretty clear sign he isn't in love with the OP.

If they're at the ceremony, chances are they already have the marriage certificate.

Redgy22 26

Doesn't count until it's signed by whomever is performing the ceremony which is usually afterwards.

The real question here is, why are you calling the idiot?

#29 he chose to get married, so "stress" is no excuse. And NO ONE who truly love's their partner would propose to someone else in front of her and on one of the most important days of her life!

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I'm so sorry op , you deserve better than that. I hope the best for you in the future!

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Good thing he was honest, and didn't run away AFTER marring you. I wish you all of luck OP

If he were actually being honest he would have said something long before the wedding even happened.

I'm so sorry you had to go through this op. I wish you all the best in the future.

I would image he's just lost countless amounts of respect from his family, still shitty though

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why did people hit the YDI button? she isn't the one to blame! i'm really sorry, OP!

The people who did are the FML jerks... It always happens. I wonder if they're like "how should i be a total jerk today?" I don't do those things (unless it's an accident)

People also hit YDI by mistake as well. I've done that numerous times when I'm scrolling through FMLs on my phone.

Yeah, they really need a way to change your vote.

We should be able to undo a vote or get a confirmation button

I think there's someone out there that can come up with an excuse why someone deserves it on every FML. Most of the time I can come up with something but not always, and I don't vote according to it. I don't think they're all accidental or trying to get the badge.

You used to be able to change your vote on the App after you tapped the button, but they did away with it for some reason. That was... years ago, now that I think of it.

I think it's the same weird reason people say YDI to those who get abused or cheated on. Something along the lines of "well you were dating them, so you must have known their terrible personality, so it is your fault." Complete lack of compassion and understanding that some jerks are just great manipulators/liars.