By thenewgirlfriend - 26/05/2013 14:15 - United States - League City

Today, I cut my bangs. When I asked my boyfriend if he liked it he said, "It's like I'm dating a new girl, this way I won't get bored with you." FML
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I'm sure that was a compliment, just a very clumsy one.

I don't see how this is a bad thing, if anything this will help him to avoid cheating because he feels you're someone new!


Upside; you're not boring him! Always find the silver lining OP. Nah, he's a jerk.

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positive quality constructive criticism negative quality you have all three sides covered, so what's next in this paradox of a comment you've created?

That's like having your boyfriend cheat on you, and being positive about it because the other chick didn't have an STD.

23 - still a reason to he positive!

OP just buy a new vibrator and tell him the same thing.

I think that is fair enough! I mean - it was hopefully just a joke but if not then it sounds like he isn't with you just for personality. It sounds like he was just making a bad joke to me though.

I don't see how this is a bad thing, if anything this will help him to avoid cheating because he feels you're someone new!

2, you make it sound as if it is genuinely difficult not to cheat on someone.

I apologize if it came out sounding that way, but usually when a partner gets bored they tend to make the wrong decisions. Usually the wrong decision is to cheat.

OP should shave her head and see how he feels

locks of love? depends on what the two of them are into!

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Oh yeah, I love a girl who has less hair on their head than me. So sexy.

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There are some people who are into that, 58, or at least have enough depth to look beyond it.

59 - Different people find different things attractive. I'm not sure that preferring longer hair necessarily makes somebody shallow.

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73, there's nothing wrong with preferences, but when someone's feelings toward another change due to appearance it's undeniable that they're a bit shallow. I'm not trying to seem self-righteous or anything but OP's boyfriend seems like he doesn't actually care about her to me.

I don't get it. The way I see it OP's boyfriend seems to care a lot about her, and I'm getting the feeling that he didn't like the new look, and that it being "different" was the best compliment he could come up with, and was just staying positive because it isn't OP's physical appearance that he cares most about.

I'm sure that was a compliment, just a very clumsy one.

It's certainly not a negative comment at least

ive received worse backhanded compliments from guys before. i agree, OP sounds like he was being playful, and overlooked what he could be implying.

Agreed. From my experience, guys don't think too deeply about how jokes/teasing could be interpreted.

That makes it sound like he's just using you until he gets bored

if that were true, he probably wouldnt have said this to her

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I actually agree with 4. If OP's boyfriend needs new hairstyles to keep him interested, it doesn't really seem he cares too deeply for her personality. The fact that OP would even post this also shows that she's suspicious of this as well

Sadly... For most men, personality is after looks

I hope he's joking and isn't this shallow. But mehhh, could be worse.

Yeah, he could be mentally insane and start calling OP a different name

I wouldn't stick around much longer. Before he gets bored of the "new you"

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Uhh... here's hoping he's just kidding.

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Dump him before does. At some point you probably will have done all the hairstyles in the book.

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I'm not sure if you're surprised at the boyfriend's comment or you're an astonished proctologist.

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it really depends where you put the emphasis. she could be an amazed proctologist.