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By badenoughflowers - 14/01/2013 15:47 - United States - Ben Wheeler

Today, my girlfriend returned home from a several week vacation with family. Instead of a happy reunion, I was terribly emasculated, publicly, for bringing flowers that "weren't as pretty as all the other couples' in baggage claim." FML
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transcedental 18

Somehow.. I.. just wanna give you a hug. Sorry that she didn't appreciate your gesture ;/


If you were her ride you should have left her at the airport and make her take a cab. Damn, what a bitch!

Wondering if you should have bought her a one way ticket back the way she came from. Would that be more romantic? Ignorant selfish people

She was with her family so I don't think he was her ride. Nonetheless, she was a total bitch and I hope he returned the favor by publicly humiliating her by breaking up with her. No one needs an ungrateful woman like that for a girlfriend.

If he wasn't her ride, then why meet her at the airport vs at home etc...? (Yes, I know some guys do it) I read it as she went on vacation to visit her family. And he might not have been able to join her for one reason or another.

Some people have no manners at all, and it does baffle me! O.o

Or give her flowers with chloroform, she smells it and she falls unconscious. Then you do whatever the hell you want with her.

tjv3 10

This should read my now ex girlfriend . What a bitch

Looks like the old rosé colored glasses fell off while she was away.

Nah, she just substituted for Alfredo.

She definitely got what? A hit with a baseballbat in her holidays? Yeah, I think you are right my friend because she can't be that ungrateful and unhappy by such nice gesture.

Yep. Nothing stokes anger like guilt. Get her checked for STDs before doing anything.

ApollosMyth 22

This whole thread made absolutely no sense to me.

Tell her to go get her own if she's unhappy..

transcedental 18

Somehow.. I.. just wanna give you a hug. Sorry that she didn't appreciate your gesture ;/

Better yet replace his girl friend I'm sure he'll be happier with you;)

I think more happened on vacation that you know about...can we say...good looking bartender?

cryssycakesx3 22
nycwrestler 17

I don't think that's exactly a reason to dump her, maybe tell her to be more appreciative, but definitely not dump her.

I think the thing is that you don't know the whole story, while she sounds like a ungrateful bitch, there might be something more to it, perhaps she's really insecure and just found out that OP is cheating on her, of perhaps she is pregnant and therefore very emotional and perhaps she's schizophrenic and a part of her reaaaally liked the flowers but the other felt like causing a scene or perhaps she just got attacked by crazy dinosaurs and was therefore a bit stressed out, YOU NEVER KNOW!

75 - "You never know" Which is why you don't make assumptions. We form judgements here based on the data presented. Based on the data presented, we can safely say op's girlfriend acted like a selfish little brat. Personally, I wouldn't stand for that sh/t. I was raised to appreciate ANY gift I got, whether or not is was wanted, useful, a white elephant, etc.

White elephants are ALWAYS to be appreciated when received as gifts, no matter the circumstances. I have three that I prominently display in each of my rooms. Also, I'll agree. Based on the information presented, dump the bitch. Return the favour of public humiliation. She can ask someone who got nicer flowers than she did for a ride home.

#16 > I'm all for communicating and discuss issues in relationships but in that case I'd side people who say to dump her. She has not seen him in weeks, he is sweet enough to go all the way to the airport WITH flowers to welcome her back and she publicly insults him because his bouquet is not pretty enough to her taste? Who does that to someone they love? She is a dumb shallow bitch! Honestly how do girls like that get boyfriends in the first place? I don’t get it…

Look up the expression "White Elephant" and realize it's not a good thing to own. It means owning something that's a burden more than it's a value. BTW I'm not talking about fake elephant statues. :P

Buy her a return ticket, beter still buy yourself a ticket somewhere nice.

Next time get her some chocolate roses can't go wrong with chocolate.

Some people have allergies. Some other people have skin diseases that violently react to chocolate. So, yeah, a lot can go wrong with it.

Considering the way she treated OP, your point would be?

laya_fml 26

Then, she would have been yelling about how other people had better chocolate.

Well damned if you do and damned if you don't. Just give a hug and a kiss next time then.

Or how dare he try to sabotage her diet by giving her chocolate. "You just want to make me fat so that other guys won't be attracted to me"!!! :O Watch out! Those psychos are out there!

104 - My father married one. (Love you mom!)

Fine, #52, assuming she doesn't have allergies, food sensitivities, or any other culinary land mines, you can't go wrong with a box of chocolates. My boyfriend would know what chocolates to get me. And if he greeted me, I would be glad to see him, whether or not he brought flowers or they weren't as pretty as the ones someone else got. OP, your girlfriend is an ungrateful little wench, and you should at a minimum call her out on her awful behavior and at a maximum dump her snotty little ass.

theslimshadylp 6

Wow you could've brought nothing it's the thought that counts.