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Today, my girlfriend came home with a huge bouquet of roses. They were from an admirer, brainwashing her to think I'm a terrible boyfriend for not buying her flowers like he did. FML
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stormstarcj 12

Someone needs to step up in the romance department. Although, she probably bought them herself.


Im probably going to get thumbed down for this, but whatever. *an

Well maybe OP should buy her some flowers.

That sucks. A guy did the same with my gf only that he sent her flowers and a band to sing for her outside of her house

Anth6ny 9

Grabbing words at random from the dictionary does not make for a coherent sentence.

Gingerette 8

They might if you have the right accent.

That was either a terrible moment of autocorrect or misuse of a dictionary. Either way, it provided me with some amusement.

I guess I should learn this secret language, because apparently it makes perfect sense.

Anth6ny 9

#70 What was it supposed to say? I don't see that leading to a coherent sentence in any way.

Anth6ny 9
stormstarcj 12

Someone needs to step up in the romance department. Although, she probably bought them herself.

Gingerette 8

Exactly. Lots of girls buy themselves flowers so the boyfriends feel competitive. I don't do it, but like a sadist I do love watching that type of erroneous comedy.

TheDrifter 23

The funny thing is, if he sends her flowers, the first response will be "he must be apologizing for something, that no good cheating asshole". There is no winning where flowers are concerned.

55, If your girlfriend acts like that, that's not normal.

If your girlfriend is that easy to persuade in her affection, perhaps you'd best look elsewhere. She should know you love her, roses or no. Sorry OP.

That is, if OP makes an effort to let her know he loves her. Girls want to be shown affection on an ongoing basis, not just once.

I agree. It doesn't have to be expensive items to show your affection for your love ones. My boyfriend will sometimes draw me an unexpected bath when I come home from a hard work day or even get me a box of Mike and Ike candies (my fav) to show that he thinks about my happiness. No one wants to feel unappreciated.

RedPillSucks 31

And what do you do for him, enslaved? Us guys want to feel appreciated to! Do you give him a pedi with the french trim?

Ummm don't you worry! I know how to thank him in more than one way. Plus he never comes home to a dirty house.

MerrikBarbarian 9

16 though its a two way street I agree. My partner and I both buy and make little things to let the other know we are thinking of them. Both of us have different talents in making things the other likes. I surprise him whenever I have time with a sketch or painting of his favorite subjects, he has made me several pieces of beautiful jewelry as he knows I love anything that is shiny or iridescent. I got a friend to help me do a private modeling shoot for him. It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy. Things that show you know the others tastes are far more meaningful. We also send each other thinking of you texts throughout the day. Just a nice reminder someone cares. Heck you can even leave cute notes for each other. If you know your partner loves coffee, a cup of coffee with a note "thinking of you, I love you" goes a long way. Far further than flowers. Nothing makes my day more than getting a midday text saying "I saw this and thought about you" and a photo of something in his day.

I'm not saying OP doesn't do anything at all for her, but I do agree with you, small gestures are very nice. But I don't demand gifts every week, that's for sure! Roses are pretty expensive, at least they are here. :/

feldco1 17

Kick his ass! Besides not every girl likes flowers.

Misaki18 17

So if you didn't like flowers and your boyfriend bought them for you, you'd have the audacity to say "ew you know I hate flowers."? A gift is a gift and especially if it's a random occasion, should be gratefully taken. I definitely am not a chocolate and roses kind of girl but when my boyfriend comes to my doorstep with flowers I gladly accept.

feldco1 17

Never did I say that. I personally would tell my boyfriend, hey flowers really aren't my thing, but I always accept them from him. They're a sweet and sentimental gift, but personally I would rather have something of similar cost that doesn't wilt away.

Buy her flowers yourself. Sometimes it's the little things that counts.

kmf_stephyc 2

Give her a spa day and twice as many roses ! .... but I hope she didn't send them to her self for attention

Take her out for dinner and a movie, much more romantic than useless roses.