By TmWhisp - 13/05/2016 10:02 - United States

Today, I found out what my husband meant when he said he "accidentally installed an indoor pool" last night. FML
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This, is what the FML photos were always meant to be.

OPs day is going swimmingly.


This, is what the FML photos were always meant to be.

My job includes the cleanup of such floods. This is worse than I've ever seen in all my 10 years of experience. I'm impressed and horrified at this.

OPs day is going swimmingly.

Damn, that's deep.

I sea what you did there.

Buoy, u guys are fun.

Yeah man, whatever floats their boat

Water you trying to say?

This is the best FML photo I have seen.

Snorkeling is better than diving.

How does that even happen?!?!

First good FML photo

Are we sure that this image wasn't just taken from the web? It appears on a lot of "flood restoration" company's pages

ABlindMan 17

It doesn't HAVE to be by OP, I believe the photos are picked or something and then the top rated caption is applied to them if I'm understanding it correctly. Although that's what I got from what Alan said.

There was a "contest" in a recent blog on FML. The best caption would be featured along with a photo they used in the blog to make your own.

Uh... Guys? Almost %100 positive this is a rendered image from a computer program.

explain yourself