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Today, I decided to visit my girlfriend who lives 20 hours away. Four Red Bulls: $11.50. Gas: $200. Driving halfway across the country to find your girlfriend in bed with another guy? FML
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OP here. Yeah, so first off all of you who are bitching at me about the whole mastercard thing... I don't frequent this website enough to know which formats are enjoyable for those that do nothing and read this site, and those that do not. So if you're mad about that... I really couldn't care less. I honestly don't know which part of this thing is worse though... my girlfriend (who is away for school) cheating on me, or a good portion of the web junkies on this site telling me that I'm making it up.

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Haha, love the FML instead of priceless at the end. >.> FYL though

20 hours away? You don't deserve it but, dang, I wouldn't have a relationship that long distance.


Haha, love the FML instead of priceless at the end. >.> FYL though

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Yeah, the OP needs to remember one rule of thumb. M.O.B. Money Over Bitches

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lmaoo !

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You deserve it for driving a car that gets such shitty gas mileage.

#109 is an idiot

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Hey, at least he bought Red Bull, eh?

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no hes a f$^%ing genius

"finding your girlfriend in bed with another guy? priceless." pah that would make an awesome MasterCard ad xD

she was cheating on u cuz u drink red bull which makes ur dick smaller

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shank em both.......OZ

about tree fitty

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72- that's true

That sucks brah. Well at least you got a road trip out of it. Or you coulda had sloppy seconds.

Bitches ain't shit but hoes n tricks.

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Lil Wayne (:

Lil' Wayne? Lil' Jon? Try Snoop Dogg!

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actually, you all should be saying dr. Dre. Seeing as Dr. Dre wrote the song bitches ain't shit. Dr. Dre > rappers nowaday

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They said those 2 names because they apparently did a cover of it. -_- I'm sorry but those 2 rappers make me want to claw my brains out. I'd like to go back to the days of Afrika Bambaataa. There is only one rapper I respect now and his name is Saul Williams :)

How about not listening to shitty rap music

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I knew some dumb fuck would take this opportunity to bash Rap. STFU, dude.

The best cover of that song is by Ben Folds

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Rap isn't music. Nigga pleeeaase. Rap is noise and stands for Retards Attempting Poetry.

that line doesn't even make sense. Rap is so fucking garbage.

20 hours away? You don't deserve it but, dang, I wouldn't have a relationship that long distance.

I guess it depends on the person. I have been with my gf for 3 years and counting and most of our relationship was long distance until recently. I was in Australia studying while she was back home. We have known each other for a while before we started dating so theres that. Now living together though :)

ouchie... Good Luck and FYL...

I'm really sorry man, that's pretty harsh after all the effort you went to. I hope you find someone much better much closer to home.

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This made me LOL

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Because of the layout of the FML they deserved it? Are you mad? Next thing you will be YDI'ing for having FML on the end...

Dont bother, there are some trolls who get bugged by EVERYTHING.

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lol, 68... he/she prolly already does

Fucking troll! The MasterCard style made this FML.

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20 hours away? Try for a relationship that's closer (unless she or you go to college that far?). Long distance relationships very rarely work out.

Relationships in general 'very rarely' work out. Obviously, most relationships end in break ups, its not just LDRs.

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totally agreed...distance is not as much of an issue as people think

At least you know it now. This is really priceless.

that fuckin sucks, you should of beat that guys ass

beat the guy? What about HER? she's the cheating hobag - what a double standard.

Lol I read that and I thought you said beat him off. Lol.

The guy has nothing to do with it, he probably didn't even know or care, it's the cheating bitch who should suffer :/

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Only 20 hours? That's nothing. I moved 2100 miles to live with my boyfriend. Apparently he needed a maid, and a cook.

If you were his whore, too, it looks like it worked out great for both of you!