By madisonbubch - 23/09/2014 01:04 - United States - Vine Grove

Today, I got home from a long day at work, hoping to just fix dinner and relax, only to find that my cat had come into the house with a rabbit, and is now stuck underneath the cabinet. FML
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Roskosity 22

Ah. How intuitive and kind of your cat to supply you with that dinner.

Who's stuck, the cat or the rabbit?


Roskosity 22

Ah. How intuitive and kind of your cat to supply you with that dinner.

Is the cat or the rabbit stuck?

I would assume the rabbit

Dinner is served

IllegalName 8

can I have dinner too?

Razi_tail 25

Human will be most pleased with this delectable meat I am bringing home. I hope she doesn't lose it under a cabinet when I get there!

stephers444 17

Looks like you have a new pet or dinner depending on if you like to eat rabbit

never knew people eat rabbits, always thought they were to keep as pets


orbit 22

I agree, it was a kind gesture from your cat. I suggest a rabbit stew.

Who's stuck, the cat or the rabbit?

maybe both : O

Your cat just wanted to help with dinner (:

BBlah 26

Put down a trail of Trix cereal that leads out of the door for the rabbit

nataliewby 25

But Trix are for kids

It's just a rabbit. It'll come out on its own, or your cat will slaughter it and enjoy its own version of rabbit stew. Nothing to worry about unless it's barfed all over your floor.

I'm assuming if the cat brought it into the house, it's already dead.

Can rabbits even barf? I think most people would be more concerned about the rabbit pooping everywhere.

Rabbits poop isn't that bad, it's just little pellets... It won't even stick to your floor

my cousin's cat brought a live rabbit inside a few days ago, cats don't always kill their catch

@15, I assume you have never owned a cat. They don't always kill what they bring into the house. They do like to play with their food. @downvoters (of previous comment), you all must not have gotten the memo on sarcasm. Whoops.

tantanpanda 26

time for the broom!

Does the rabbit keep running around saying "I'm late, I'm late, I'm really really late?" While your cat smiles really creepily and gives him weird riddles in which way he should go, per chance?