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It may be a crime to assault an officer off duty or not, but that particular cop had it coming since she had no dignity, then chose to get drunk and force herself onto other men. Off duty or not, she should feel ashamed of herself and deserves whatever punishment comes her way.

  Lyzeen  |  9

assault is always a crime.. you don't have to be an off-duty cop to get charged for that -.-
besides that so is harassement. regardless of the gender. and if someone gets to close to me and doesnt back off after i asked for he/she gets his/her ass kicked. so good job OP!

By  jessmonkey  |  15

That could make for a solid threesome.

  I_own_a_dog  |  11

Obviously OP is being sarcastic here but it seems the FML community has like, selective sarcasm hearing essentially and only they get to decide when someone is saying something sarcastic and funny.. But don't mind me I'm probably jaunt gonna get down voted like all these other unfortunate souls that tries to defend him..

  rsue  |  14

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  lunar999  |  23

Some countries have laws regarding this sort of thing which would allow OP to have no charges held against her, unless there was serious damage to the other party.

  Malsain_fml  |  10

Well, a cop is person before anything.
Nobody's perfect, and I am pretty sure that a lot of drunk girl "attack" a lot of man, some of them married.
And I am pretty sure not all of them are bad persons.

  sjewel  |  9

sure let's asks the security guard to remove a drunk that hitting on someone. hitting on someone isn't against the law so they see no point


Actually they would see a point. As a former security guard at a night club, we would frequently remove people who were considered a high probability of causing a scene that will disturb other patrons, or likely to cause a fight before the fight actually happens. Coincidentally, more often than not it was overly intoxicated girls that were the problem, not the stereotypical "douche guys" at clubs.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I'm probably going to get thumbed down, but I kind of agree with 8. Couldn't you have moved to a different place in the bar or left altogether? I don't think that punching someone is the answer unless you're trying to defend yourself. All punching someone does is get you in trouble (cop or not. You would've gotten thrown out for throwing the punch and if the cops were called you would've got charged.). I'm not saying ydi but i do think you should've walked away.