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Today, both my brother and sister missed my wedding. She was playing in a Call of Duty tournament, and he got so high that he forgot about the wedding completely. He was my best man. FML
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No matter how much I love COD, I wouldnt miss a sibling's wedding for it.

GuessWhatKids 13

From the other side of things, I love weed. But I also don't understand why he'd smoke on his brother's wedding day.

I have to say, you gotta be really dedicated to COD to miss a siblings wedding for that, my next thought is... Did she win?

VScpu 3

At least smoke with your brother

perdix 29

Maybe they don't like your wife.

Its one thing not to like the bride but when the groom is your brother your opinion doesn't give you the right to skip the wedding. Especially if you're the best man.

perdix 29

#14, I'm thinking the OP could be a bully and his siblings are afraid to say no to him. Coming up with such bullshit excuses leads me to believe that there's a lot more to this story than we are being told.

Perdix, COD tourneys are not bullshit, nor is being stoned off your ass.

Or maybe... his siblings are just... assholes? I would have thought being on the internet would make it easier to realise that some people are just assholes.

perdix 29

#48, and the OP is the only non-asshole in the family? I'm guessing that ALL of them are assholes.

My thoughts exactly. This is what you get for scheduling your wedding on the same day as a tournament.

perdix 29

#58, Yeah! And they probably scheduled the wedding to start at 4:20! Assholes all around!

He could have siblings who are not assholes, but since they turned up to the wedding they are not mentioned in this FML.

Perdix, you don't sound like your normal self. Or maybe you changed your style of joking. Don't know. The world may never know.

maybe he's stoned off his ass and forgot who he was like the brother ha

Very selfish siblings you got there. COD and getting high, what scum.

I really don't think they were implying that it was. I believe the siblings are scum for missing the wedding. No need to jump into "stoner self-defense mode".

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Getting high while playing COD makes people scum. They should be in a Taco Bell eating 5 layer burritos until they can't move. That's the best thing to do while stoned. Haha.

#32 your getting screwed they are suppose to have 7 layers...fyl

Why the hell is your comment down voted so much? you made a very true and valid point.

Some people prefer to play video games whilst stoned, not eat. Eating is cheating.

I get the feeling that if they HAD showed up at the wedding they would have completely destroyed it :/ The sister would show up in tatters, because she clearly didn't care very much, and so she wouldn't bother getting dressed nicely, and the brother would not take his roll as best man seriously. The sister would most likely get wasted to get her mind off the tournament she was missing, and the brother would get stoned either way. Probably. If I had siblings like that, they wouldn't even be invited to my wedding because I'd be worried they would ruin it, or disappoint me by not showing up.

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chanoscar 8

When it's a tournament it's completely different than online actually. If you just camp you won't win in tournaments. You actually need to have teamwork.

That is just awful manners if you to ask she won. I hope u die in a hole

iOceanus 18

74: No matter how overused that is, it's perfect for this occasion.

28- Still a crap game that takes less the half a second to kill someone. And i dont care if CoD fanboys down vote me

uhh, hunny... were we suppose to be somewhere? **** it, pack another one, it probably wasn't important...

It's really sad OP. Your siblings owe you a massive apology although for knowing this type of people, I doubt the apology will come. They say you choose your friends and not your family but at least you can start your own family unit with your new wife. Take heart, I hope you still had a fantastic wedding.

mihaelaa 10

Couldn't somebody give them a call? I mean it's not like at the end of the wedding you realized they weren't there the whole time. If you noticed they weren't coming you should have done something.

Your kinda busy on your wedding day, you shouldn't have to call your family to remind them to show up!