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Don't listen to them, all that matters is that you know that you have a boyfriend and that he loves you. My girlfriend lives in Australia, and I live in the US and people think I'm single and making excuses not to get a girlfriend..


62 has a stupid comment, not only because he should "wrap it before he taps it", but because the boyfriend is long-distance. If the boyfriend wanted to send some sperm, I could see where you're coming from.

  Quasar55_fml  |  18

The solution is to organise a video conference with skype or whatever, so the boyfriend can testify in person.
Well I guess her family could assume she asked a friend of hers to act as her boyfriend. Then the only viable solution is to have live sex in front of the family.

By  ClassicOne  |  0

She obviously did send the flowers to herself and is just trying to convince herself it was a "boyfriend" by putting it on here. Seriously parents wouldn't simply not believe this.

And like previous poster said, does she never talk on the phone or Skype w him for parents to know?????

  Savra_fml  |  17

1. Does not say OP lives with parents.
2. Phone calls could be difficult if there is a large time difference between where OP is and where her boyfriend is.

  taera  |  8

This FML doesn't provide enough information to indicate that OP is in a good LTR. They could be getting distant and losing their connection. All we know is her bf is capable to purchasing one bouquet of flowers. /notconvinced