By nightowl506 - 21/11/2011 07:22 - United States

Today, I received gorgeous orchids from my long distance boyfriend. I was excited about it and told my parents. They still are convinced I have no boyfriend and I mailed the flowers to myself. FML
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The solution is obvious. Dump your boyfriend for not existing. The jerk...


shahs 3

why wouldthey be jealous? they are married.

Streeet_hayley 6

It's only the truth that matters, forget what your parents say.

My girl lives far from me also. Gonna go see her again around Christmas. - also sucks your parents don't believe you OP.

Get pregnant? If he's smart, he will wrap it before he taps it.

bulgeinmypants 0

62 has a stupid comment, not only because he should "wrap it before he taps it", but because the boyfriend is long-distance. If the boyfriend wanted to send some sperm, I could see where you're coming from.

I was talking about the situation if they ever meet each other. I think **** in a peptobismal medicine cup is very ..awkward.

aw how sweet :-) next time tell him to add a note so that your family believes it!

Honestly I think she could fake a note too, so

The solution is to organise a video conference with skype or whatever, so the boyfriend can testify in person. ... Well I guess her family could assume she asked a friend of hers to act as her boyfriend. Then the only viable solution is to have live sex in front of the family.

MsMeiriona 2

But then they would assume she hired an escort.

Gahh!, is there no way for the OP to win here?

The solution is obvious. Dump your boyfriend for not existing. The jerk...

Makes me wonder how you would feel when you get dumped for existing

The answer is simple...we kill the batman. *rubs forehead twice*

Make your bf call your parents so they believe you?

Or record a full hour of webcam sex. Strap the parents to a chair and make them listen. Never will they think you're lying again.

They need evidence? Next time tell him to send a picture of his dick.

Torva_fml 16

14- long distance.... Read the fml... Retard...

"Honey, that could be any boy's penis! Stop lying!"

The next time he calls you, hand the phone to either of your parents and let him tell them on the phone that he's your boyfriend. :) Hope that works.

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She obviously did send the flowers to herself and is just trying to convince herself it was a "boyfriend" by putting it on here. Seriously parents wouldn't simply not believe this. And like previous poster said, does she never talk on the phone or Skype w him for parents to know?????

1. Does not say OP lives with parents. 2. Phone calls could be difficult if there is a large time difference between where OP is and where her boyfriend is.

You obviously have a very narrow mind when it comes to what some parents are like.

just return to sender those flowers, long distance always sucks

This FML doesn't provide enough information to indicate that OP is in a good LTR. They could be getting distant and losing their connection. All we know is her bf is capable to purchasing one bouquet of flowers. /notconvinced

Tell your parents that they should learn from your boyfriend and give orchids or flowers to lighten up their relationship.

The flowers made it?! :O I thought they'd be wrinkled.. It is long distance mailing.. Mm technology

RedPillSucks 31

They don't really mail the flowers, they call a local flower shop which will deliver.

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You're stupid! Go back to the mental hospital you came from.

90 I choose the last option in your profile picture. For you.

more than likely he had called a local flower shop for them to be delivered.....