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By shiney100893 - 14/01/2013 12:56 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, I was at a party with my crush. The collar on his shirt was sticking up so I fixed it for him. He gave me a hug and said, "Aww you're so good to me. You're like my mother. You can be my college mother." I got mother-zoned. FML
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If he's anything like Oedipus, you may have a chance.

I think it's safe to say you have no chance.


I think it's safe to say you have no chance.

MILF!!! Again??

Unless he's into incest, and if that's the case I don't think you want to be dating him anyway. Either way it's a lose-lose situation.

Some guys do love a girl who takes care of them. Better get out. Too time-consuming.

plum_lovin 28

Maybe he knows she likes him and is trying to be nice and tell her... in an odd way.. or he has a thing for moms... lol

MrBrightside21 20

Oedipal complex is actually pretty common in guys. It's weird, I know, but some guys don't even realize it. For example, I've always found a girl who let's me stay up 'til 10 o'clock on weekends very attractive.

tjv3 10

I think she has a chance . Rock his world with mind blowing sex and get the hell out of the mother zone

Maybe OP can be a MHLF (Mother he'd like to f)

Well, they do say that men tend to get attracted to women who reminds them of their mom

If he's anything like Oedipus, you may have a chance.

klovemachine 24

That's hot :)

Damn even made pleo go O.o

20- As a mother and disturbed FMLer, I respectfully disagree.

20, I'm sure Oedipus found it hot when he found out he killed his dad, that his mom killed herself and I bet he just loved gouging his eyes out. Nothing sexier than Greek Tragedy. Sex and Death mixed in ways I only dream about. That sexy Phèdre and her HIppolyte, gets me off each time.

then000bster 16

See? It's already been done. It's just so vapid.

klovemachine 24

Dang, people, I was just kidding :-P (heads to his room in shame...)

SammehDx 6

This made my day. Thank you.

Oedipus Rex, the original mofo.

X_Codes 11

I come in here thinking I'd try to be the first one to make a particularly snarky incest joke. Then I realized that I'm on the internet, and within 5 minutes of the start of comedic timing we not only get every incest joke that's at least a little witty, but we also manage many bad ones and throw in a few references that everyone pretends to know about until the nerd (or particularly adept Googler) shows up and annihilates the party. Thank you, internet, for making me into the warped bastard I am.

I sense jealousy and hatred~~~

Oedipus ended up scratching his eyes out, and his mother/wife committed suicide. Updated: Someone already posted this, I didn't notice.

Ha I actually got that reference

Either you have no chance with him now, or he's going to call you mommy in bed.

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iOceanus 18

Some girls say "daddy" in bed, but saying "mommy" in bed seems a bit odd... Hey, whatever gets you goin'!

Calling your significant other "mommy" or "daddy" in bed is odd in general.

Who's your daddy?

I didn't think there was anything worse than being friendzoned, I was wrong...

No this is better she gets to spank him when he's bad;)

There's one thing worse than being mother/father zoned: it's called no-zoned.

Brother/sister zoned might be pretty bad?

been there, done that. it sucks.

Well I guess you're lucky that he actually enjoys having you around even though it's not the relationship you'd prefer.

#5 you must be that girl who friendzones lots of guys

#29 Not exactly..but at least it's something!

Don't worry you can be the cool mom op! :D

Do you also lick your finger to wipe mustard off his cheek? Maybe you should re-evaluate your behaviour around him.

nycwrestler 17

I think fixing his collar is appropriate, but not so over the top as wiping mustard off his cheek.

I agree with Doc! I've made that very same mistake! No more!!!

There's nothing wrong with a person taking care of someone they fancy.

16- Nothing wrong with that, but if he wants to make her mommy... She's overdoing it.

Octain 13

People would call me "mother hen" for a while because I was so caring, but it didn't bother me. Eventually my crush started realizing I was actually very caring and he ended up loving that about me.

Good thing you said mustard instead of mayonnaise. Being in college, white stuff on the face could have been a number of things. :O

People call me "mother hen" too every now and then. Glad I amn't the only one :) Think I may have to give up on him though. It's just too weird for anything to happen now :/

You never know if he has milf fetish ;D

Stop doing things for him and treating him like someone special. He will realize how much he misses you being there for him.

That just gives him mother issues, I could be wrong but aren't those worse than daddy issues?

Many guys end up marrying women who are just like their mothers. Stick with him, OP. You'll get your man! :)

VScpu 3

I agree, I learned that in an ep of How I Met Your Mother.