By fmylovelife - 27/06/2011 23:45 - United States

Today, I surprised my girlfriend with roses. She surprised me by getting back together with her ex. FML
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karinabeby 0

I hate people like that.. Believe me your way better off without her anyway!

IphonFML 6

haha the way u wrote it makes it funny. BUT its not. w.e leave it to karma

shrinkydinks 0

oh relationships. it's just best to stay out of them;)

It's so funny how a bunch of the OP's usernames has to do with the FML. Fmylovelife. Haha so funny...

sourgirl101 28

30, did you know when you submit in your FML, you could change/enter in a different name, right?(:

bows a good time to put the thorns to use:D

MrFlintstone 5

I think your the better surprise present giver in this relationship

dude that sucks but leave it to karma you are better off without her anyway

She's going to surprise herself with the fat hag she becomes.

Hoes get karma tenfold don't worry about her.

Did you surprise her back by getting her pregnant?

^ really did you not read the FML clearly says she got back with her ex

Xecutedreaper is my x-box live name.. come at me bro

That would totally screw with her mind. He should lmao

well, better than being covered in thorns, i say. |the kid|

cudi504 4

at least it wasnt something more expensive. but fyl that sucks

No one can say anything about this person's profile picture under this comment or they shall suffer the pharaoh's curse.

his profile pic is so g. I wish I could like him...

GuessWhatKids 13

I feel ya bro, sometimes shot like this happens man that's life...

sourgirl101 28

He's on an iPhone and his phone corrected the word "shit" to "shot". It always happens.

^You should learn sarcasm. I obviously knew that that was auto-correct.

You should've surprised her with a roundhouse kick to the face!

she's not worth your time man. Sorry op :/