Hidden secret

By anonymous - 01/10/2016 09:00 - Australia - Tennyson

Today, I was with my boyfriend. He got up, shut the blinds and turned around to say, "I don't usually shut the blinds, but no one can see this." Assuming we were going to have sex, I took my pants off. He asked me what I was doing, then sat down to eat an entire tub of ice cream. FML
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Well at least you know he isn't the average sex driven douche bag right ?

wait shouldn't you be happy he wasnt talking about being ashamed of have sex with you?

Maybe op thought it'd be really dirty and kinky Sex?

It's less about being ashamed and more about decency

why don't you eat ice cream with him everyone likes ice cream

I hope his brain-freeze was worse than your lady-parts-freeze!

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Did you just assume it's gender?

smart move. no one needs to see anyone eat that much ice cream

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Thats what you get for orgasming thinking about krispy kreme doughnuts when you had sex with him earlier!!