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By anon - 09/09/2013 15:15 - United States - Mantua

Today, I woke up and found $30 slipped under my door with a note that read, "Please buy yourself a quieter vibrator. - Mom and Dad." FML
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Or you could just use your hand which is free ! :D haha

grahmagog 14

give it back and tell them to buy headphones


Or you could just use your hand which is free ! :D haha

Sinistra_Blue 12

Now works without batteries! Buy one get one free!! :p

Actually, you don't have to buy at all! You already have two... I hope. :|

Sinistra_Blue 12

The joke is only funny if you're not an amputee. If you are then I sincerely apologize. >.>

jasmine2301 25

I'm assuming that you are a guy. One's hand just can't always compete with or fulfil a gal the way a vibrator can.

You're a guy, you don't get it. Once I switched to using a vibrator, my hand just didn't do it for me anymore.

my hand doesnt work fir me very well.. i have small hands

olpally 32

Lol. Awesome mom and dad you have there! Hahaha.

She should slip a not under their door saying "I need 20 more dollars, vibrators are expensive."

Oh the embarrassment D; At least they didn't walk in on you, and had the courtesy to slip you a note ;)

grahmagog 14

give it back and tell them to buy headphones

I don't think they're going to want to listen to music to cover up some smaller noise when they are trying to sleep...

grahmagog 14

then noise cancelling headphones?

Those usually don't work that well when there's no music playing.

Why give it back? Keep the money and slip a note.

Free money? Your life is definitely not ****** :p

150493x 29

Looks like your parents are buzz kills

MoronsAccount1 12

God dammit, 22. This is why people born in 1998 shouldn't be here.

MoronsAccount1 12

This has nothing to do with anything here, 40, but 14 siblings? My god. How have you not, you know, ended it yet? lol.

#40 I see you're new too. Also, the whole "give so-and-so a break" doesn't fly here either. People have to learn the ropes somehow.

I have never seen a place more filled with sarcastic, egotistical assholes. Glad to see a place I belong in. But damn...

It'd be pretty boring if the only comments were "Awww, I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you. Things will get better! xoxo" Just like it gets boring constantly having someone tell us that they "see what you did there." Being a sarcastic asshole is way more fun.

@36 I'm more inclined to blame it on the fact that he is a ginger... But that's just me.

MoronsAccount1 12

It feels like home, 98. It feels like home.

I mostly visit FML to read comments made by cynical, sarcastic, and clinically narcissistic members.

evan_7899 28

And there is those retards who vote down a sarcastic vote because they are too stupid to understand it and take it as a rude conment

$30? Hell, a ***** only costs $8 or $10! According to my research, with that much dough you should be able to afford the Anal Violator 5000XXL. It may not be that quiet, but you surely will NOT be. Enjoy!

We need Boners here for his expert opinion.

Please tell me where you buy yours, because here a basic one costs MORE than that. ^^

Yeah Doc, tell everyone where you buy your ******.

TheDrifter 23

I hear the hospital's sexual dysfunction ward gets a great bulk discount...

I get mine from hospital Lost and Found. A few wipes with industrial strength cleaner and they are good to go. I mean, what ******? I don't have any ******!

Any good VIBRATOR is going to cost anywhere between $50-$100+.

i work at an adult toystore. Anything $30 with thay kind of name isn't worth it.

I feel like it would be really awkward to buy a ***** at Walgreens.

Spider_Web 11

Just plop a 12" ***** on the counter and try to hold eye contact

that is why you can get them off their site too so the akwardness isn't there..or check groupon too XD

MerrikBarbarian 9

Pink cherry is the best source for cheap quality sex toys. If anything is defective they will exchange or refund it. Refunds arrive in less than 24 hours. They also indicate the noise level on many of their products. Op should really shop there... And no I don't work for them... Just a very... Satisfied customer :p $10 *****? I got mine for $5 if you wait for their sales. The $10-15 vibes I got there are better made than the piece of crap $50 vibe I got from OhMiBod. Yes I have no shame. I used to do sex toy reviews. :p hopefully that info helps people anyways.

Well that's awkward... At least they gave you money

At least they didn't give you any bad vibes over it.

Just buy a premium ***** with that money

Dude, you're 14. Why are you even on this site?

Kyuubi_Rose 11

Because its a free website with no age control on who can sign up?

I heard the lipstick vibrator is very discrete

monnanon 13

i had the lipstick one. wasnt any quieter than any other bullet but was good for the price.

#33 haha google did. I have the 'rabbit ear' tho but er never mind